Patterned Plastic Sheeting

If you are looking for a plastic sheeting option that provides more of a decorative touch than traditional plexiglass acrylic or polycarbonate, A&C Plastics carries a variety of patterned plastic sheets. For lighting industry solutions, we carry a variety lighting plastics that maximize its effectiveness as well as adding a decorative touch. We also have matte plastics, non-glare plastics, as well as plastics with a variety of finishes.

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Lighting Plastics Looking for plastic for skylights? A&C Plastics carries a variety of plastics that are ideal for skylights and other lighting applications.
Matte Polycarbonate Matte polycarbonate is the perfect material when requiring durability and privacy using glass alternatives. Frosted plastic sheeting is great both indoors and outdoors.
Non-Glare Plexiglass For your anti-glare acrylic sheeting, turn to your partner in plastics. Non-glare plexiglass is ideal for applications where a matte finished is preferred to minimize glare on framed works.
Obscsure Textures With a variety of patterns available, textured acrylic sheeting is the ideal material for a variety of applications where light transmission, durability, and detailed design is needed.
P61 Non-glare Polycarbonate Need to eliminate glare without sacrificing the clarity or quality of your plastic? P61 nonglare polycarbonate sheet is the ideal material for applications needed limited glare with high impact strength,
P95 & DP9 Matte

Frosted plexiglass like P95 acrylic and DP9 matte are premium cell-cast acrylic sheets that feature a matte finis to diffuse and hide reflections and imperfections.

Pebble Finish Textured polycarbonate sheeting with a pebble finish offers the same light transmission qualities as traditional polycarbonate sheet, but with the added bonus of visual privacy.