Shipping Oversized Plastic Sheets

on 10/14/2016

Everything is bigger in Texas, Colorado, & Illinois!

    Oversize sheets.  How big are we talking? Big enough to need flatbed shipping instead of regular LTL.

    A & C Plastics is currently in the process of shipping an oversize sheet that is 108” x 192” to Hawaii. Hawaii, as in, a series of islands not located in the continental United States.

    The point is, we can ship any size sheet you need anytime, anywhere.

    Just give us a call at (800) 231-4175 to get pricing and availability. We got your back.

We will get the sheet ready for transport...

 oversize sheet

Send it wherever you need it to go...


Even if it has to go to the moon. NASA is right down the street from our Houston location after all.