Tuffak GP 0000 Clear Polycarbonate Sheet - 38 x 78 0.220in

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0000/ .220/ 38X 78/ TUFFAK GP/UF Actual material color may vary from picture due to display settings.
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Our Tuffak GP 0000 Clear Polycarbonate sheeting is sure to make your next project a success. Our Polycarbonate sheeting has the impact resistance up to 250 times that of glass and can be drilled without the worry of cracking. the durability partnered with the usability of Polycarbonate sheeting make it a great choice for your project. Purchase today to get your clear polycarbonate sheeting!

  • Tuffak GP 0000 Polycarbonate Sheeting 38 x 78
  • Highly Durable
  • Handle temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Less rigid than acrylic
Specs: Product dimensions are measured in inches.
  • Color : 0000 - Clear
  • Thickness : 0.220
  • Width : 38
  • Length : 78

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