TruCast Tinted 2064 Acrylic Sheets - 74 x 98 x .187in

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2064/ .187/ 74X 98/ TruCast/P Actual material color may vary from picture due to display settings.
Total: $246.00
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TruCast Acrylic Tinted Sheeting is a cost effective alternative to using glass or plastic with a tinted film. Acrylic sheeting is 10x stronger and half the weight of glass, making the initial purchase price, and shipping and handling costs much cheaper. Because it does not require additional film, tinted acrylic plexiglass provides a wide range of benefits without peeling, bubbling, or other visual imperfections. Tinted acrylic sheets reduce discoloration and fading of the objects behind it, reduce solar glare and UV rays, all while bringing down your energy bill.

  • Tinted 2064 TruCast Acrylic Sheet
  • UV-Resistant
  • Minimizes Glare from Sun
  • Weather Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Impact Resistant
Specs: Product dimensions are measured in inches.
  • Color : 2064 - Grey
  • Thickness : 0.187
  • Width : 74
  • Length : 98

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