Industrial Sheet - Industrial Plastic Sheeting

A&C Plastics carries a large variety of plastic sheeting products for many different industries and applications. From the very widely used ABS plastic sheet and PVC strip doors, our line of plastic products caters to nearly everyone. A&C Plastic’s plastic sheets are lightweight, durable, and strong making them great for any industry. For high demand industrial applications, our products deliver every time. Click below for more information on any of our products.

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ABS Plastic Sheet

One of the most commonly used plastics, our heavy duty acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS sheeting, has a high impact resistance and durability to be used for automotive, printing, and display applications.

Expanded PVC

Expanded PVC sheet plastic is the ideal material where durable construction materials are needed. With a smooth, matte finish, expanded PVC sheets provide the great surface for graphic overlays.

Fluted Polypropylene

Available in an extensive selection of colors and thicknesses, our highly durable, economical, and printable fluted polypropylene flourishes in many industrial, decorative, and artistic applications. Extremely popular in the signage industry for its high-quality printing characteristics.

PETG Mirror

Ideal for children's toys, office supplies, and cosmetics, our PETG mirror has very high impact resistance, good design flexibility, and is great for applications requiring versatile fabrication properties and is also very cost effective.

Polypropylene Sheet

An economical alternative to HDPE or ABS, polypropylene plastics offer an excellent balance of thermal, chemical, and electrical properties. Polypropylene sheeting also possesses a very favorable strength to weight ratio.

Vinyl Strip Door

We stock vinyl strip door in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Our vinyl strip door, also known as PVC strip doors or curtains, is one of the most economical means for separating one room from another. Popular applications for these products includes freezer and refrigerator curtains, overhead loading dock doors, and more.

Vivak ( PETG )

Vivak Sheet has become a staple in the point-of-purchase industry due to its economic advantages compared to polycarbonate and superior impact strength over acrylic.