HDPE Sheet

HDPE is a thermoplastic offering versatility and malleability that surpasses most other plastic sheeting on the market. Used in everything from hard hats to plastic bottles, HDPE is widely recycled making it a go-to material for eco-friendly and sustainable plastic productions and construction. HDPE industrial plastic sheeting is lightweight, yet extremely strong making it the ideal material to make recycled plastic lumber with. HDPE is certified by the FDA to be used in food processing due to its resistance to mold, mildew, and acid.

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HDPE Antiskid Specially designed for marine applications, antiskid HDPE sheeting offers superior durability with the additional benefit of a non-skid surface perfect for high-traffic marine surfaces.
HDPE Color Core King Colorcore® is a 3 layer high density polyethylene sheet designed to be weatherable and UV stable. Colored HDPE sheet an excellent product for exterior parks, playgrounds, and street signs.
HDPE Matte Sheet Matte HDPE sheet (high density polyethylene) is a non-porous material known for its resistance to chemicals and solvents that also meets all standards established by the FDA for food contact. HDPE matte sheet outlasts functionally competitive materials by up to three times longer.
HDPE Pipe Grade Ease of fabrication and extreme durability makes our HDPE pipe grade sheeting the premier choice for demanding outdoor industrial applications. Pipe grade HDPE sheeting features a high level of resistance to both chemicals and harmful UV rays.
HDPE Smooth Sheet For a sheeting product with a low coefficient of friction, smooth HDPE (high density polyethylene) sheeting is the perfect solution. HDPE smooth sheet has good chemical resistance and can be easily fabricated to meet your needs.

HDPE Pipe Grade, Smooth, and Matte

A&C Plastics recognizes the need for different grades of high-density polyethylene sheeting, so we carry three different grades to ensure we have what you need. Our most popular HDPE plastic is HDPE pipe grade as it’s improved performance and weight lead it to be more durable in outdoor applications. We also carry smooth HDPE and matte HDPE sheeting for other outside, cutting board, and marine applications.

Qualities of HDPE Sheet

HDPE sheeting is one of the most versatile plastics on the planet and is used for everything from cutting boards to water bottles. High-density polyethylene sheets have many qualities similar to those of acrylic sheets and polycarbonate sheets such as strong impact and abrasion resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction. This lends itself to its stain, moisture, and odor resistant qualities. 

HDPE has high tensile strength and rigidity, significantly higher than those of lower density materials, and as to be expected due to stiffness, has a slightly lower impact strength. 

All HDPE is versatile for a variety of applications, but specialized types of HDPE Sheet exist, including:

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