Fire Rated Polycarbonate Sheeting

A&C Plastics is proud to offer fire resistant plastic sheeting solutions. Our fire resistant plastic sheet is a flame-inhibiting, UV-stable and glazing product that is virtually unbreakable. Although stronger than glass and plexiglass, our fireproof plastic sheets are easily die cut, punched and sheared to meet your fabrication needs, whatever they are. Browse our selection below to find flame retardant sheeting for your project!

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High-Quality Flame Retardant Sheeting Options

Flame retardant sheeting from Tuffak is produced under rigid quality control specifications, ensuring it meets ISO certification guidelines.

Polycarbonate sheet is ideal for a variety of industries and applications including electrical devices, aircraft components, switchgear covers and other current-carrying items. Tuffak’s flame retardant polycarbonate is also the recipient of the Certificate of Material Excellence from Material ConneXion. We also carry a variety of other high-impact, high-strength plastic sheeting products, including bullet resistant polycarbonate, HDPE and other polycarbonate sheet solutions.

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Applications for Fire Resistant Plastic Sheet

As the name implies, our fireproof plastic sheets are perfect for projects and applications with high temperatures and fire hazards. Flame retardant sheeting helps to prevent potential fire hazards and limit the damage caused by high temperatures and fires. As a result, our flame retardant polycarbonate is the ideal choice for industry applications in transportation, electrical, building and construction, aerospace and much more. Moreover, fire resistant plastic sheets help many companies meet their specific local building codes which are often dictated by the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Building Code (IBC).

Testing Fireproof Plastic Sheets

There are a variety of flammability tests that can be conducted on a material, in this case polycarbonate, to determine its flame rating. Depending on your project or application, the flame retardant sheeting you require must possess specific capabilities. For example, some applications require their polycarbonate materials to be self-extinguishing while others require their sheeting to meet certain levels of heat release or smoke toxicity when burned. Flammability tests for fire resistant plastic will help determine:

  • Capacity for self-extinguishing
  • Burn rate
  • Performance in a vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Heat release
  • Smoke density
  • Smoke toxicity
  • And more

Features & Benefits of Fire Retardant Sheeting

Fire retardant plastic, such as flame retardant polycarbonate, is an extremely durable modified plastic perfect for electrical applications. This type of flame retardant polycarbonate sheet meets UL 94 V-0 or V-2, depending on the thickness, as well as UL 972 for burglary resistant glazing materials.

  • Weatherable
  • Printable
  • Heat Formability
  • High Light Transmission
  • Impeccable Clarity
  • Impact Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance

Flame retardant sheeting is used in a number of industries, such as architecture (like shopping centers), safety glazing (like at a bank) or even for advertising panels. Not sure how much fire resistant plastic you need? Request a quote from our team or call us at (888) 702-6028!

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