Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheets & Plexiglass

This specialty acrylic sheeting is the ideal material for signs and channel letters and any other backlit application requiring light diffusing properties. This type of light diffusing plexiglass helps diffuse the light to prevent visible hot spots and luminance fluctuations, with affecting the light transmission itself. 

Features and Benefits of Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet

  • Saves money by requiring less lighting sources and less channel material
  • Performance is unsurpassed when used with neon, fluorescent or LED lights
  • Available in the most popular colors and custom corporate colors
  • Offered in a wide variety of stock sizes with custom sizes also available
  • Available in .118" and .177" thicknesses, in a wide range of stock sizes
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Qualities of Light Diffusing Acrylic Plexiglass

For your next display or lighting project, you'll want to use light diffusing acrylic to eliminate visual anomalies. This is a modified type of white acrylic sheeting that helps diffuse light to give an even glow. Not only does light diffusing acrylic sheet look more elegant than normal white acrylic sheet, it also performs and looks better than other impact modified plastic sheets that give an industrial look and feel. 

Light diffusing acrylic imparts the same strength and durability as white acrylic plexiglass at 10x the strength and half the weight of glass. Its lightweight nature makes it extremely versatile for your display, lighting, and signage products. You'll save money buying light diffusing acrylic over frosted glass at the initial purchase price and during shipping, handling, and fabrication. 

The superior quality of light diffusing acrylic sheet diffuses the light source to reduce hot spots, while dramatically increasing light transmission compared to normal sign white plastic sheeting. This makes it the ideal material for shallow lens depth in any light source including LEDs and fluorescents. 

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