Fluorescent Acrylic Sheeting

Although fluorescent acrylic plexiglass sheeting is brightly colored, these sheets are transparent in nature that allow the edges to glow with color. Acrylic sheeting is lightweight and durable, making it an easy choice no matter your plastic needs. Cast acrylic sheeting such as our fluorescent plexiglass has high light transmission, weather resistance, and UV light resistance.

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Qualities of Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent plexiglass sheeting provides the same qualities of clarity, durability, and versatility as clear plexiglass sheets, but with a bright, transparent color. The strength and durability of fluorescent acrylic sheeting make it one of the most widely used materials across all industries. It is often used in place of colored glass as acrylic sheet is up to 10x stronger and half the weight of glass. The lightweight, strong nature allows for reduced shipping and handling costs. This also gives you more control over the fabrication process as it is easier to cut, drill, and polish than glass or polycarbonate sheeting

Fluorescent acrylic plexiglass's high light transmission allows for the full transmission of light, and when the sheets are edge lit, they provide a colorful glow. Other notable qualities of fluorescent plexiglass include weather resistance, higher rigidity than polycarbonate, and UV-light resistance.