White Polycarbonate Sheeting

Available in five different thicknesses, five different lengths, and 4 different widths, our white polycarbonate sheeting is a polycarbonate product with advanced UV-resistance technology promoting long lasting outdoor weathering performance. Just like our colored polycarbonate sheet, these products have a proven track record of outstanding performance in extreme environments and are a very popular material for exterior signs in harsh outdoor conditions. Our white polycarbonate sheeting is available in pure white and off white. Lightweight, thermoformable, and high impact-resistance make these products a great choice for use with roof lighting, patio coverings, industrial warehouses, swimming pool covers, and more. 

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Learn More About White Polycarbonate Sheet Products

White polycarbonate sheeting has superior UV qualities, which makes it a premium choice for outdoor applications. The advanced UV technology allows for a long service life, even in outdoor extreme weather conditions. White polycarbonate sheet also has excellent dimensional stability, impeccable clarity and high-temperature resistance, making it an ideal material for just about any project. The white tint of this polycarbonate sheet allows for reduced glare and overheating, providing up to 43% shade.

In addition to the resistance and strength translucent white polycarbonate sheet provides, the lightweight nature of the plastic allows for cutting and fabricating with ease. These features all make polycarbonate an extremely versatile material for electrical signs, commercial glazing, hurricane panels and other applications.

What Is White Polycarbonate?

White polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic that consists of two carbonate groups. Bisphenol A (BPA) and Diphenyl carbonate are the two groups that make up the plastic chemical structure. This plastic is thermally processed. Many DIYers and builders alike seek out polycarbonate due to the impact, temperature and rigidity resistance. You can use white polycarbonate panels to create an elegant and seamless look. This product is ideal for projects where you are seeking clarity and beauty. Keep in mind that the clear edge color is maintained before and after fabrication.

What Are the Benefits of White Polycarbonate Sheeting?

The high-impact and temperature resistance of white polycarbonate is a unique feature that makes it extremely popular in a variety of industries. It is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, and the hard coating that is applied is stronger than comparable products. Light transmission in white polycarbonate is also better than glass. Plus, if you need to soften the polycarbonate, you can use high-temperature tools and applied heat to easily transform it.

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