Impact Modified Acrylic

A&C Plastics offers modified acrylic sheeting, continually processed to provide superior impact strength. Impact modified acrylic sheeting is a great alternative to traditional polycarbonate sheeting with higher cost savings, a wider range of forming temperature, better melt strength, and does not lose color or clarity due to sunlight.

Impact modified acrylic is the ideal plastic sheet for applications where durability is a requirement, such as signs, POP displays, windows, doors, and more.

Features of Impact Modified Acrylic Sheeting

Similar to our other acrylic sheeting products the impact modified acrylic sheeting is about 17 times stronger than traditional. Despite the superior strength and durability of the impact modified acrylic, it is still highly flexible. This flexibility makes impact modified acrylic sheeting perfect for signs, Pop displays doors and windows.

Be sure to check out the rest of our acrylic sheeting and the rest of our specialty sheeting to find the perfect acrylic sheeting for you. For wholesale pricing on modified acrylic, or if you have any questions about our other acrylic sheet products, contact us by filling out a form or calling us at (888) 702-6028.

Modified Acrylics are Extremely Useful and Benefits of Modified Acrylics Include

  • Strong Alternative to Traditional Polycarbonate Sheeting
  • Economical
  • Wide Range of Forming Temperature
  • Better Impact Strength
  • Doesn't Lose Color Due to Sun Exposure
  • Versatile
  • Doesn't Lose Clarity Due to Sunlight
  • Lightweight
  • 17 Times Stronger than Traditional Acrylics