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A&C Plastics Is A 
Cut Above the Rest

A&C Plastics has the unique ability to cater to any business partner. As your “partner in plastic,” we are able to provide seamless shipping nationwide and deliver the largest variety of in-stock materials, colors, and sizes of polycarbonate sheeting, HDPE sheeting, plexiglass sheeting, and many other types of plastic as quickly as possible. Our commitment to order accuracy and customer service will help you get exactly what you need right when you need it.

You can count on us to help you get the job done.

A&C Plastics Reviews (Used for Company Reviews)           5 of 5 stars

My pricing is on point to be competitive, my orders are processed in a tim... (read more)

‐ A&C Plastics Customer
0001/ .125/ 76X108/ OPTIX L /F           5 of 5 stars

If Home Depot and Lowes could come half as close as you guys in cutting, I... (read more)

‐ Kenneth D.
0000/ 10MM/ 6'X12'/ GL TWINWALL           5 of 5 stars

You and your folks do a great job! Additionally, your business partners--... (read more)

‐ Bruce S
0001/ .125/ 48X 96/ IRIDESCENT /F           5 of 5 stars

Beautiful sheet.

‐ Adam Taylor

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Acrylic, Polycarbonate & Specialty Plastic Sheeting

We’re More Than A Plastic Sheeting Company, We’re Your Partner In Plastic.

A&C Plastics is a nationwide plastic distribution company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Over the years, we’ve worked to be more than just a plastic sheeting company – and we’ve become known as an industry titan with a friendly, small-company feel. In fact, we’ve perfected our unique ability to cater to any business partner, no matter how big or how small.

As your “partner in plastic,” we provide a large variety of in-stock materials, colors and sizes to choose from. Our offering includes acrylic sheeting, plexiglass sheeting, polycarbonate sheeting, multiwall sheeting, abs plastic sheeting, HDPE and much more.

Not sure what you need? Looking to create a custom order? Our plastic distributor experts are happy to help! As a plastics company, we at A&C Plastics have made quality, accuracy and customer service top priorities, helping you get exactly what you need when you need it, every time.