Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet

A&C Plastics stocks various grades of plexiglass acrylic sheet, such as extruded, continuous cast, and cell cast in hundreds of colors, thicknesses, and sizes. We have clear plexiglass, colored plexiglass, and tinted plexiglass sheets available from 48” to 108” wide and from 72” to 192” in length, as well as a variety of other specialty acrylic sheets.

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Acrylic Mirror A popular choice for point-of-purchase displays, casinos, toys, and more, our Acrylic Mirror sheeting boasts extreme durability and is available in textured, clear, and colored variations.
Cleaner & Polish Keep your acrylic plexiglass sheeting and other plastic surfaces clean and scratch free with plastic polish and cleaner from A&C Plastics.
Clear Acrylic From store displays to general fabrication, our Clear Acrylic Sheeting provides exceptional strength and durability.
Colored Acrylic Colored Acrylic gives you the versatility and wide range of options you need to customize any project.
Digital Acrylic Digital Acrylic is specially designed to increase adhesion of UV curing inks direct to the substrate without the use of adhesion promoters.
Fluorescent Acrylic

Need a touch of color for a sign or point of purchase display? Fluorescent acrylic sheets from A&C Plastics have unmatched stability and durability.

Light Diffusing Acrylic Light diffusing acrylic sheeting is the ideal solution for your hot spot problems. This specialty acrylic sheeting eliminates visible hot spots without affecting the light transmission qualities.
Non-Glare Mirror

Reap the benefits of our premium mirrored acrylic sheeting with the added benefit of a non-glare surface. Anti-glare acrylic mirror sheet is lighter, safer, and easier to cut than aglass mirror.

Sample Chain

Plastic sheeting colors online or in print don't always portray the actual color of the product, so before you buy your next order of acrylic sheeting, make sure you know what color you are getting.

See Through Mirror

Our see through mirror acrylic sheeting is the preferred choice for many for cost-effective security in both showroom and office environments. Two way mirrors look normal when well-lit, but provides privacy when one side has no light.

Solar Tint Sheet Reduce carpet fading, hot spots, and UV rays with solar tint acrylic sheeting. Tinted plexiglass from A&C Plastics allows you to filter the sun without adding an additional protective film.
White Acrylic From lighting to aquariums, our white acrylic sheeting is the perfect choice allowing you to achieve a brilliant and attractive finish for all of your products that is lost when using modified acrylic.
Plastic Adhesives Looking for a variety of Sci-Grip plastic adhesives for your acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting? A&C Plastics, your partner in plastics, carries a variety of plastic cement and glue for all of your plastic projects.

Durable Plexiglass Acrylic Sheeting for Any Application

Acrylic sheet, or plexiglass sheet, is ideal for applications requiring the beauty and clarity of acrylic where a traditionally higher impact product is required. Plexiglass sheets maintain consistent clear edge color before and after fabrication, giving fixtures and displays a desired elegance that is lost with other impact modified materials that impart an "industrial" look. Acrylic sheeting resists yellowing and fading and offers superior dimensional stability. We also carry Plexiglas® brand acrylic plexiglass sheeting.

Qualities of Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet provides a wide array of benefits to each application it serves. When it's used in the light, the plexiglass naturally resists yellowing and absorbs a significant portion of the UV spectrum. Acrylic sheeting does not require a special filter or film to give the added benefit of UV protection, however, there is UV-resistant acrylic sheeting to provide improved protection. Acrylic plastic is a favorite material for a variety of applications because of its ability to retain its clarity and shininess, even after fabrication and installation. 

Acrylic sheets are less expensive than both glass and polycarbonate sheeting. Acrylic is also 17 times more impact resistant than glass, can be polished smooth, and is easier to cut than polycarbonate. Keep in mind that acrylic plexiglass sheet is very rigid and can crack and chip easily. 

Plexiglass, or acrylic sheet, is known as the most versatile type of plastic, but there are also special types of acrylic such as

  • Mirrored & Two-Way (See-Through) Mirrored
  • Colored and Fluorescent Acrylic
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Light-Diffusing Acrylic
  • Non-Glare & Anti-Static
  • Block Acrylic
  • Black & White
  • Bullet-Resistant
  • Frame Grade
  • UV-Filtering & Transmitting
  • And Many More

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