ABS Plastic Sheeting

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS plastic, is one of the most widely used plastic materials on the market. As a result of its high impact resistance and suitability for heavy duty applications, ABS plastic sheeting has found wide acceptance in the refrigeration and automotive industries, as well as for the printing and display markets. ABS plastic is particularly suitable for vacuum forming. ABS can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses from 200 microns to 5mm with a maximum width of 1600mm. It is available in leather grain, fine grain, and deep grain finishes on thicknesses of 1.5mm-3mm and custom colors can be made to order, subject to a minimum order requirement. Specialized ABS plastic products incorporating extruded layers of acrylic sheet for superior resistance to UV attack can be manufactured.

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Qualities of ABS Plastic Sheeting

Although acrylic sheets and polycarbonate sheets are among the most popular plastics, ABS plastic sheet is also a versatile plastic sheeting. This rigid thermoplastic has excellent ductility and high/low-temperature performance along with outstanding formability. ABS sheeting has high impact resistance as well as resistance to a variety of chemicals. 

One of the biggest benefits to choosing ABS plastic over other plastic sheeting is its ability to be fabricated easily. You can saw, heat-form, route, and glue ABS plastic sheet without interrupting its structural integrity. 

ABS Plastic Sheet's Wide Range of Benefits Include

  • Common Plastic Material
  • High Impact Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Refrigeration Industry Applicable
  • Automotive Industry Applicable
  • Printing Market Applicable
  • Display Market Applicable
  • Suitable for Vacuum Forming
  • UV Resistant
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