Scratch Resistant Acrylic Panel

One and two side coated acrylic, utilized in display cases and shadow boxes in public areas to minimize scuffing and scratching. The double coating offers a much, much greater resistance to chemical attack and marring. Excellent optical quality makes this product a great choice for display cases in public areas. Available in many different thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Fill out a quote request form now for wholesale pricing.

Features and Benefits of Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheets

Scratches and other visual imperfections are no match for abrasion resistant acrylic sheets. This type of acrylic sheet is continuously manufactured with a scratch-resistant coating on one or both sides, depending on the type of plexiglass you get. Scratchen-resistant plexiglass is 40 times more resistant to chemicals and marring than standard acrylic plastic, without sacrificing optical clarity. Abrasion resistant plexiglass can be cut, drilled, and polished but should not be heated for bending. 

Additionally, scratch resistant plexiglass is half the weight of glass and much stronger and impact resistant. This is great for applications with heavy traffic such as in a museum, POP displays in a mall, and more. 

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