• FAQs
    • Are the 24 x 48 and 32 x 48 cut pieces sold online exact?

      No. The cut pieces online are taken from a stock sheet. Because of this process the width of the saw blade or Kerf eats up some of the material. For most thicknesses we have a +/- .125" nominal kerf.

      Does your acrylic sheets come with a warranty?

      Acrylic sheet comes with a manufacturer's warranty against defects including color variations, foreign objects in the resin, and thickness tolerance. Although there is no specific guarantee of product life, acrylic is processed to be UV stable and can be used for interior and exterior applications. Years of anecdotal evidence support acrylic as a very good material for signage, construction, windows, and general use. 

      What is the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque colored sheets?

      Transparent sheets allow light to pass through undisturbed, allowing you to see clearly through the sheets. Translucent sheets allow light to pass through the sheets but do not allow objects to be seen clearly through it. Opaque sheets do not allow light to pass through and the sheets cannot be seen through.

      How do you remove scratches?

      The general rule with plastic is that if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it is probably too deep to remove with polishes. Removing scratches from plastics is similar to removing scratches from most other materials.You can use a compound with a cloth or a buffing wheel. Just ask for details. Read more about how to remove scratches from plastic here.

      What do you use to polish the material?

      A&C Plastics offers numerous cleaners and polishing products which are designed to be safe for use on most plastic substrates (some household cleaners contain solvents which may harm certain materials). Please contact a sales representative for details on which products to use.

      What is the best way to clean the material?

      ACRYLIC General Cleaning Instructions This is a guide only. There is no guarantee the cleaning materials in a given application may not cause some damage to the acrylic surface.

      1. Do not use commercial cleaners with ammonia, chlorine, etc.

      2. Do not use powdered cleaners.

      3. Use a mild dish or hand soap, clean water and a soft cotton cloth.

      4. Where possible, wash dust and debris with a flood of water before gently wiping the surface of acrylic.

      5. Do not use paper towels or ‘shop’ cloths.

      6. When buffing an acrylic surface, use only industry approved polish and follow directions on the instruction sheet.

      7. If there is a scratch you can feel, it will not buff out.

      8. For cleaning grease and oily residue that did not come off with mild soap and water, use a small amount of aliphatic naphtha or kerosene on a clean cotton cloth and gently wipe. All aromatic paint thinners will ‘burn’ the surface.

      How do you glue material?

      Generally, plastic sheet requires solvent to cement itself together. Not all materials use the same adhesives to bond to each other or dissimilar substrates. For specific information on the material you need to adhere and which solvent to use, contact your sales professional at A&C Plastics.

      What is A&C Plastics Freight Policy?

      A&C Plastics ships FOB Houston, TX, FOB Colorado Springs, CO, or FOB Bensenville, IL – Freight Collect unless otherwise stated prior to shipment.Goods shipped by A&C PLASTICS, INC. are delivered to the carrier in good condition. Responsibility for safe delivery passes to the carrier when material leaves the dock of A&C PLASTICS, INC. All shipments are packed with care using standard approved packaging methods.

      If goods are picked up at A&C PLASTICS, INC. by the Buyer, the Buyer is to inspect the material at the time of sale. The buyer assumes responsibility for the goods upon signing for and receiving the goods.If goods are delivered to the Buyer by a freight carrier, the Buyer is to inspect the material upon receipt of goods. The buyer assumes responsibility for the goods upon signing for and receiving the goods as a clear delivery.

      If material sustains damage in transit, please obtain carriers written admission of damage before the carrier leaves the Buyers facility. If concealed damage is discovered after the carrier leaves, please contact the local carrier and request an inspection IMMEDIATELY. Once the material has been inspected, buyer will have to proceed with filing a claim. A&C PLASTICS, INC. is not responsible for filing a claim for concealed damage.

      A. If you received damaged goods and the shipment was made under your account number, third party or collect, it is your responsibility to submit a claim and settle that claim with the carrier. A&C PLASTICS, INC. does not assume any responsibility for damage incurred when shipment is made under another shipper account or number.

      B. If you receive damaged goods and freight was prepaid and or added to your invoices, please follow these steps to insure proper credit to you:

      1. Notify A&C PLASTICS, INC. immediately (800.231.4175) DO NOT return damaged goods to A&C PLASTICS without authorization. DO NOT return goods that have not been inspected by UPS or the truck line. A&C PLASTICS, INC. will notify the carrier and start the claim for you.

      2. Hold original carton and merchandise for the inspector.

      3. If a replacement order is needed, please contact A&C PLASTICS, INC. immediately. A&C PLASTICS, INC. will not automatically re-ship a shipment until authorized by the Buyer. A&C PLASTICS, INC. is willing to assist you in every possible manner, but please be aware that if you fail to follow the above procedure for prepaid shipments, your claim may not be honored by the freight carrier or A&C PLASTICS, INC. SHORTAGE: Please be sure to count the number of skids, cartons, pieces or sheets and check the packing list immediately. Secure a shortage notation if the number of items you receive is less than shown on the carrier’s freight bill.

      What is your delivery policy?

      A&C Plastics offers delivery in the Houston, TX area, Colorado Springs / Denver area, and Chicago, IL area. A minimum delivery charge may apply. Ask your sales representative for details

      Can you drop ship to my customer?

      Yes, we will be happy to. We can even ship it using your packing list with no A&C Plastics’ labels. If you require an order to be shipped this way, please specify it to your sales representative.

      How much do i have to order to get freight prepaid?

      Most shipments are shipped freight-collect, however, A&C Plastics does offer a freight paid price on our material. However, due to the multitude of sheet sizes, weights, and various other criteria, it is impossible to select a specific dollar amount to determine free freight. Please check with your sales representative to determine what that dollar amount is when ordering.

      Are there any additional hidden packaging charges?

      There are never any additional hidden charges when you place an order. If your shipment requires any additional packaging or handling charges, you will be notified at the time you place your order.

      How do you ship your material?

      If being shipped by a freight carrier, A&C will custom package the shipment on a pallet. This minimizes the chances of your freight being damaged. We use corner protectors on all 4 sides of the shipment, cover the material with cardboard and band it together. Each pallet will include a protective plastic sheet below all of the plastic sheeting being purchased. This will eliminate any possible nail damage from the pallet. If you require any special packaging, please notify your sales representative and they will work with you on any specifics regarding your requirements.

      Do you sell to individuals?

      A&C Plastics has a reputation of being the “Distributor’s Distributor”. This is due to the fact that we typically stock colors and sizes most “full-line” plastic distributors don’t. We will sell to the end-user when asked. However, because we sell an industrial, non-finished product, it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of a plastic representative before placing your order to assure there are no special or specific handling techniques you are not familiar with.

      Do you offer cutting or fabrication?

      Yes. A&C Plastics offers a multitude of cutting and fabricating services such as cutting, rounded corners, flame polishing drilling, etc. Please contact your representative for details.

      How accurate is your saw and what is the cutting tolerance?

      We have both a Table and CNC saw which is accurate to +/- .001”. In order to insure maximum sheet yield we spec a +/- 1/16” linear tolerance on cut sheets. However, exact cuts are also available, please discuss any cutting needs with you sales representative.

      Do you have color samples?

      Yes, we would be happy to mail you a specific sample color. We also sell full color chains. 

      What size are your samples?

      Most sample sizes are 2" x 2"

      Do you sell cut pieces?

      Yes, we offer cut to size and will be happy to cut sheets to your specific size for a small fee.

      What is the thickness tolerance on your plastic sheets?

      The thickness tolerance varies depending on the type of material, thickness of the sheet, and the manufacturing process used to produce the sheet. Extruded sheets will have the least thickness variation and cell cast will have the most variation on Acrylic Sheets.

      Can you ship today?

      In stock items can ship the same day. However, some of our extremely large sheets might not be able to because they require a special truck. But with that exception if placed, confirmed and paid for by 2pm we will ship the order the same day.

      Do you have a small order fee?

      No, all our customers are given the best price possible no matter how small.

      What is the smallest sheet i can buy?

      Most all of our products come in a 48” x 96” size. There are a few products, sizes, and colors that we stock a smaller size in. We also offer standard cut sizes on our website. Ask your sales representative for details and we will be happy to help you.

      Do all of the different manufacturers colors match each other?

      No, because each manufacturer has their own color formulation, colors will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you need an exact match, please notify you sales person and we will try to help.