Plastic Lighting Panels

There are a variety of plastic sheets on the market today that provides great benefits to the lighting industry. If you are looking for plastic for skylights, interior LED, conventional lighting fixtures, or lenses, A&C Plastics has the materials you need. There are many kinds of lighting plastics including traditional acrylic plexiglass and polycarbonate, as well as specialty plastic such as light guide panels, Lumen XT, and light diffusion sheeting.

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Other Patterned Plastic Sheeting

Not only do we provide our loyal customer with lighting plastic sheets, but A&C Plastics has a full selection of quality patterned plastic sheets. From our matte polycarbonate and non-glare plexiglass to our obscure texture polycarbonate, we have a large selection of the best-patterned plastic sheets in the industry. Similar to all our acrylic sheeting and polycarbonate sheeting, our patterned plastic sheeting is both affordable and has superior quality and design compared to other plastic sheet manufacturers and providers. If you want the best plastic sheeting at the best price, shop with A&C Plastics today!

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