Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Unlike other glazing materials, multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and provides as much as 60% more thermal insulation than glass. Its light weight, durability, strength and ease of installation make it the ideal glazing material, especially for outdoor applications. Structured polycarbonate sheet is the most versatile structured thermoplastic available today. A co-extruded protective layer guarantees the highest stability against the harsh effects of the sun's rays and the multi-walled design gives a stable weathering surface.

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Qualities of Twin-Wall Plastic Sheet

Twin-wall plastic sheet is the most versatile structured thermoplastic available today. A co-extruded protective layer guarantees the highest stability against the harsh effects of the sun's rays, and the multi-walled design gives a stable weathering surface.

Multi-wall polycarbonate plastic is the number one choice for outdoor glazing applications because of its superior qualities. The weather resistance of multiwall polycarbonate sheets far surpasses that of traditional polycarbonate sheeting and acrylic sheeting. When used in heat, a ball test that breaks and shatters other materials only causes dents and bends in multi-wall polycarbonate plastic. In addition to weather resistance, each multiwall polycarbonate sheet provides high light transmission while still blocking harmful UV rays and providing thermal insulation.

Technical Data for Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

On the A&C Plastics website, we feature technical data sheets for most of the plastic products and solutions we provide, including our multiwall polycarbonate sheets. You can view each technical data sheet to read all the details, but we will highlight some of the most important capabilities of our twin-wall plastic sheet:

Available Colors for Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Our multi-wall polycarbonate plastic can be purchased in clear, bronze, opal and custom colors by special order. You can see these various colors featured in the applications of our multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate 10 Year Warranty

Our multiwall polycarbonate sheets are warrantied for ten years starting from the purchase date. Read our full warranty certificate to find out all that is covered and warranty exceptions.

Cleaning & Maintaining Twin-Wall Plastic Sheet

When cleaning your multi-wall polycarbonate plastic, follow these general instructions for the best results and to avoid potentially damaging the plastic material:

  • Never use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners on any multiwall polycarbonate sheet.
  • Do not leave cleaners on multiwall polycarbonate sheets for extended periods of time. Rinse immediately with cold, clean water.
  • Do not apply cleaners in direct sunlight.
  • Never use sharp objects, squeegees or razors on polycarbonate.
  • Do not clean multi-wall polycarbonate plastic with gasoline.
  • Always practice safety first and never step directly on a polycarbonate panel.
  • Always test cleaners in a small, inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the entire panel to insure against adverse results.
  • Avoid allowing a pressure washer spray tip to come too close to a twin-wall plastic sheet.
  • Pressure washers often have enough pressure at the spray tip to penetrate or tear the panel.
  • Avoid dry cleaning, as sand and dust particles clinging to the exterior of the panels may scratch the surface.
  • Avoid cleaning the interior surface of POLICARB with AF, as the effectiveness of the anti-condensate coating can potentially be diminished, depending on cleaning method or material used.

Features & Benefits of Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Plastic

Twin-wall plastic sheet is virtually unbreakable — it is 10 times stronger than plexiglass and more than 200 times stronger than glass. Even with this incredible strength, multiwall polycarbonate sheets can be cold formed on-site without splitting or cracking during fabrication. Don't forget to buy your multi-wall polycarbonate plastic profiles for installation and fabrication. Because multiwall polycarbonate sheet is so versatile, common applications include:

  • Greenhouses
  • Skylights
  • Solariums
  • Atriums
  • Patio Covers
  • Pool Covers
  • Walkways
  • Commercial Projects
  • Industrial Applications
  • Residential Areas
  • And More

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