Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheeting

Secure your workplace or home with bullet resistant plastic sheeting. A&C Plastics stocks and distributes bullet resistant and containment grade plastic in both acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet. Bullet resistant plastic is lightweight, strong, impact resistant, and crystal clear, making both bullet resistant acrylic and polycarbonate superior alternatives to bullet proof glass. Both bullet resistant and containment grade plastics are far less expensive to purchase, fabricate, and ship than its glass counterpart due to its durability. 

Containment grade plastic sheeting is the ideal material for protection against forced entry with large blows with tools such as a sledgehammer whereas bullet resistant plastic is more suitable for protection against ballistics such as that from heavy automatic firearms.  

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Bullet Resistant Acrylic We offer level 1 bullet resistant acrylic in both coated and uncoated options to meet a variety of applications.
Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate We carry industry leading bullet resistant polycarbonate sheeting meeting all security requirements with regards to protection ballistic impact and forced entry.

Qualities of Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheet

When you purchase specialized plastic sheeting from A&C Plastics such as our bullet resistant polycarbonate and acrylic, you are getting a superior-quality product that lives up to its expectations. Bullet resistant plastic sheets are abrasion resistant and UV resistant so no matter the application, you are sure to get extended surface life from the product. 

Bulletproof plastic is commonly used at gas stations, banks, courthouses, convenience stores, and credit unions, but can be installed any place that wants to provide a more secure environment. Bullet resistant plastic doesn't have to be used just for glazing exterior structures. This type of plastic sheeting is also ideal for secure barrier systems that include bulletproof doors, ballistic counters, transaction windows, and more. 

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