Commercial Glazing Facts

Plastic material has a long life and is much stronger than glass that can be used for commercial glazing for outdoor and indoor use. It much better when shipping and handling because this material will not break as easily as glass would. You can drill through the material, round edges, and polish flame with little to no knowledge at all.

Acrylic/Plexiglass - Acrylic, or more commonly known as plexiglass, is 50 times stronger than glass and light weight. It is naturally ultraviolet light stable has a nice optical view that can be substituted for glass. It can easily be cut, glued, and drilled. There are multiple tints and colors available.

Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate is a plastic that is 100 times stronger than glass and light weight. This product is not naturally ultraviolet stable, but now a layer of protection is added to one side or two sides of the sheet. This will give polycarbonate a long longevity even when exposed to UV sun rays. This item is flexible and can be cold formed. There are multiple tints and colors available.

Bullet Resistant (BR) Polycarbonate - This is a plastic rated Level III up to .44 magnums on 1.25” thick material. Bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheet has 2 outer layers of abrasion resistant polycarbonate sandwiched in between and an inner layer of standard polycarbonate. Clear is the only option for this item.

Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and BR Polycarbonate Uses:

Teller windows
Drive-thru windows

Benefits of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and BR Polycarbonate

Much stronger than glass
UV stable
Optically clear

There is a broad range of specialty grade acrylic, polycarbonate, and BR polycarbonates.

Acrylic AR2 is a scratch-resistant sheet that is ideal for areas where there is high traffic. This will keep a clean finish, and make it easier to clean off.

Polycarbonate AR2 is a scratch-resistant sheet that is 10 times stronger than acrylic sheeting. This is ideal for prisons and mental hospitals. Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable.

Trupoly SL is a coated polycarbonate sheet on one side that makes the sheet UV stable. This is ideal for exterior glazing and at the same time extra resistance against breakage. General purpose polycarbonate is not UV stable and will yellow and damage from sun exposure. This has a 10-year limited warranty against any UV damage, so you will get a long life out of this sheet.

Bullet resistant polycarbonate is ideal for banks, convenience stores, check cashing, police stations. There are 3 standard rating for bullet resistant. Level I (up to 9mm), level II (up to .40), and level III (up to .44). These are the strongest plastic sheets available in the market today.

Storm Panels are another name for our 16mm RDC multi-wall polycarbonate panels. These sheets come in sizes from 4’ x 8’ all the way up to 6’ x 24’. They come in three different colors: clear, opal, and bronze. These are the only panels that have both the Texas Department of Insurance Certification for hurricane wind speeds as well as the Miami-Dade certification. All of our multiwall panels can be cut to size and shipped directly to you. They can then be framed up around the outside of your windows to protect your home during severe weather.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Glazing