Solar Tinted Plexiglass

Solar tinted acrylic sheeting is a versatile plastic sheet product that allows for protection against the sun. Tinted plexiglass has a variety of benefits that include reducing fading of fabric such as carpet, reducing solar glare, reducing UV rays, and reducing your energy bill by keeping warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Solar tint plexiglass sheeting does not require an additional film to provide these benefits so you never need to worry about peeling, bubbles, or an ununiformed look. Additionally, plexiglass is stronger and more durable than glass so it provides more safety as well.

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Qualities of Solar Tint Plexiglass Sheeting

Often times when choosing a glazing material such as plexiglass, there are additional costs to adding protective or filtering film so the end product provides the results you desire. Adding film is not only an additional expense, but also can incur more costs from fixing the peeling, bubbling, and ununiformed look after use. Solar control tinted acrylic plexiglass reduces the need for maintenance of the film and tint and can save money in the long run without those additional costs.

A&C Plastics stocks our solar control acrylic sheeting in a variety of colors that provide varying numbers of solar energy and visible light. The transmittance values for solar tint acrylic colors:

  • Gray 2064: 36% solar energy, 25% visible light
  • Gray 2074: 24% solar energy, 13% visible light
  • Gray 2514: 62% solar energy, 59% visible light
  • Grey 2515: 74% solar energy, 76% visible light
  • Bronze 2404: 56% solar energy, 49% visible light
  • Bronze 2412: 35% solar energy, 25% visible light
  • Bronze 2370: 20% solar energy, 11% visible light

Solar control tinted acrylic also provides extreme durability and strength that other glazing materials such as glass can not match. This includes weight half that of glass, 10x more strength than glass, and has a higher level of weather and impact resistance. This type of acrylic sheet can be easily cut, drilled, and fabricated for the project and application you need, without the hassle of shattering and breakage of glass or polycarbonate sheet

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