Marine Plastic Sheets

When using plastic in marine applications, it's crucial to have a sturdy, durable plastic that can stand up to the weathering endured on the water. In salt water, the salt can cause abrasions, and no matter the body of water, the wind, debris, and sun cause also cause damage. Without the right type of acrylic sheet or other plastic, you could end up paying for fixing and replacing more frequently than you should. There are a number of specialty marine plastic boards and sheets that can save you money in the long run and provide the weatherability and strength needed.




Standard Sheet Size

Bend Radius (min.)

Makrolon Marine 5


50" x 110"


Makrolon Marine 5


60" x 110"


Makrolon AR


48" x 96"

No Bend

Makrolon VR


52" x 110"


AntiSkid HDPE Anti-Skid High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is designed for marine applications and the perfect choice for boats and more due to it's weather resistance and flexibility
King StarBoard® King Starboard is a popular choice for marine applications and is designed using advanced manufacturing processes.
Makrolon VR This vinyl replacement material is perfect for your bimini tops and boat canopies. Get a stronger better looking material than the old vinyl with out all of the wrinkles.
Marine 5 Makrolon Marine 5 was designed specifically with the extreme conditions of the water in mind to create a highly durable and clear material for windshield and windows.
Marine Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Abrasion resistant marine acrylic is often used in boats as windshields and windows due to its clear visibility and durability.
Marine Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Abrasian resistant marine polycarbonate plastic is transparent yet strong, flexible and scratch resistant making it a popular choice for marine applications.
Windows & Windshields Boat window plastic meets the unique and specific needs of the conditions that the water presents.

Marine Plastic Sheet Features and Benefits

There a variety of marine plastic types such as Marine Makrolon AR, Makrolon VR, and Makrolon Marine 5, Starboard HDPE, and more. Each type of marine plexiglass, polycarbonate or other marine plastic sheet has enhanced features for the purpose of marine applications such as high optics, two-sided coatings for weatherability or other resistances, and more. The different types also have various benefits.

Marine plastics are often used as windshields, windows, cabinets, stairs/ladders, and more. Anywhere that plastic is used in a boat, or other marine applications should be made with a specialty marine plastic.

Product Features



Makrolon Marine 5

Makrolon AR

Makrolon VR



Optically Clear


Low Distortion


Abrasion Resistance




Wrinkle Free








Low Shrink Rate


5 Year Warranty*




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