Colored Polycarbonate Sheet

Colored polycarbonate sheeting from A&C Plastics offers the best flexibility, ease of fabrication, and unbeatable strength for any industrial or design application. Stronger than glass and plexiglass acrylic sheeting, colored polycarbonate sheet is a versatile material that provides real cost savings with its light weight and energy efficiency.

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Qualities of Polycarbonate Color Sheet

Colored polycarbonate sheeting is an excellent material for a variety of applications. Because polycarbonate colors are often used to enhance architectural design and displays, they are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Polycarbonate sheeting is stronger and more durable than both glass and acrylic plexiglass and has superior thermal properties to reduce sound transmittance and minimize heat gain.

Polycarbonate sheeting is easy to fabricate and can be cut or hold-formed on site during installation. That means no pre-forming prior to installation. Colored polycarbonate is often using in external and internal glazing applications, adding a touch of color and design.