Types of Polycarbonate Sheet

As a manufacturer, you may already be aware of the strength, elasticity and affordability of polycarbonate. What you may not be aware of is that it can be produced in a variety of forms specifically designed to fulfill both broad and narrow applications. Polycarbonate's flexibility is such that there's virtually limitless variety in terms of how it can be created; no matter what you need polycarbonate sheeting for, there's bound to be a product out there perfect for those needs. At A&C Plastics, we embrace this flexibility wholeheartedly by offering a staggering array of polycarbonate sheeting products, each designed to fulfill specific needs yet bound by their shared durability and efficacy.

Clear Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has in recent years become an immensely popular choice for skylights, sign faces, covered walkways, and other instances where transparency is desired. There's good reason for that; after all, polycarbonate possesses impact resistance 250 times greater than that of glass while also exhibiting exceptional temperature resistance and tensile strength. What's more, our polycarbonate sheeting is warrantied against yellowing, hazing, breakage and any other defect that might lower its light transmitting capabilities. Simply put, you won't find a better material out there for consistent clarity and durability in even the harshest of environments.

The choice, then, comes down to which sort of clear polycarbonate sheet best suits your needs. Our Clear SL Sheet boasts all the features listed above as part of an affordable product model that comes in 46 different widths and thicknesses. SL2 Sheeting, meanwhile, offers all the strengths of the SL model while also featuring UV resistance on both sides of the sheet, a must for environments where both sides will be continually exposed to sunlight. That brings us finally to our GP Sheeting, whose glazed surface makes it an exceptional choice for machine guards, freight doors, or any other instance where breakage or vandalism is a concern. Any plastics provider can sell you a clear polycarbonate sheet - much fewer can offer them in varieties specifically geared to the needs of your business or facility.  

Colored/Tinted Polycarbonate

Just because polycarbonate is strong doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. If you're interested in using polycarbonate sheeting as part of an eye-catching display or advertisement, take a look at our colored polycarbonate sheeting offerings to find the material that'll serve as the centerpiece of your creation. These striking hues - combined with polycarbonate's ability to be cut or formed on site - make your imagination the only limit to your design.

If you're looking for something a little more subtle (or for sheeting better suited for industrial and institutional environments), our tinted polycarbonate sheets may be more your speed. Each of these models can be ordered in bronze, light grey or dark grey, allowing you to boost the security of your facility while also maintaining true to its aesthetic. As a bonus, these tinted sheets can reflect up to 70% of solar energy, which can reduce incoming radiation and help keep areas protected by polycarbonate sheet cool on even the hottest days.

Mirrored Polycarbonate

Everybody loves the look of glass, but nobody enjoys how easily it can be broken or otherwise marred. That's why mirrored polycarbonate has become the go-to material for those that need a mirrored surface that won't break if somebody looks at it funny. The automotive, dentistry, cosmetic and correctional industries - just to name a few - have all instituted polycarbonate mirrors in their products and facilities. That's because polycarbonate mirrors possess the clarity of glass and the strength to hold up in even the most brutal environments.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate

As long as we're talking about brutal environments, we may as well mention that polycarbonate sheeting also comes in a number of bulletproof varieties. This is the material that's commonly referred to as bulletproof "glass," a thick pane of polycarbonate that's used widely across the banking, law enforcement, security, and correctional industries. A&C Plastics guarantees its bulletproof polycarbonate for seven years against a wide variety of structural failures and flaws, a guarantee that'll give you peace of mind should the material ever be asked to live up to its namesake.

Abrasion-Resistant (AR) Polycarbonate

One of the downsides of polycarbonate sheeting is that it's more susceptible to scratching than glass and certain other plastics. That's why we developed a brand of polycarbonate sheeting specifically designed to address that shortfall, a resilient and flexible product ideal for schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, or anywhere else where accumulated abrasions are a concern. Though the initial investment on this product is a little higher than some of our other offerings, consider the money you'll save in the future by being able to enjoy this polycarbonate's scratch-free surface for years to come.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate

Certain sterile and scientific environments strive to avoid static at all costs because of how easily it can harm sensitive equipment and affect the results of experimentation. If you're looking for a material to use in an area whose environment is tightly controlled, look no further than our anti-static sheeting. This polycarbonate model is coated with a metal and plastic mixture that prevents the generation of static electricity, a coating that also boosts its tremendous impact and chemical resistance. In addition, the permanent nature of said coating means that it's less susceptible to humidity than the temporary anti-static coatings used by other companies.

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate

Though polycarbonate possesses incredible temperature resistance, the high temperatures generated by open flames can be a little too much for it to handle. If you're working in an environment where the risk of fire is ever-present, consider investing in our flame retardant plastic sheeting. Designed to inhibit the creation of flames, this product is a perfect choice for electrical devices, aircraft components, switchgear covers and for any other items that carry electrical currents.   

FDA-Approved Polycarbonate

Those in the business of creating food-handling products know how difficult it can be to find FDA-approved materials, especially in cases where custom-sized molds or dies are required. Luckily, FDA-approved polycarbonate meets not only FDA but also NSF standard 51 requirements. You can rest easy knowing that any product you create with this sheeting will safely handle food and do so with the same remarkable strengths and resistances boasted by all our polycarbonate models.

Multiwall Polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate is just what it sounds like - layered polycarbonate sheeting that's even more powerful than the base material in terms of unbreakability, versatility and insulation. It exhibits this superiority while maintaining remarkable lightness, which makes it an ideal glazing material for environments where protection is necessary against sunlight and other environmental concerns. Multiwall can be used in greenhouses, skylights, solariums, atriums and more. If you're taking on a similar project - or need custom sheeting for an entirely original endeavor - multiwall polycarbonate is just about the best material you can use.


We hope that this overview of our polycarbonate product line has helped to display that the plastic may be the most flexible material available on the market today. At A&C Plastics, we've set our industry-leading ingenuity and innovation to exploring the full capabilities of polycarbonate; not just for the thrill of invention, but also to provide our clients with the widest possible variety of polycarbonate sheeting products. If you have any further questions about polycarbonate or its derivatives, please feel free to get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly plastics experts.