Tinted Polycarbonate Sheets

Our product line of tinted polycarbonate sheets includes the best in class Makrolon GP tinted polycarbonate sheets in numerous colors, thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Common applications for Makrolon GP include barriers, partitions, machine guards, signage, and impact-resistant windows. These products are very popular choices for school and factory glazing and meet or exceed the physical properties of any product in its class. You can purchase our tinted lexan sheets in bronze, light grey, or dark grey.

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Qualities of Tinted Polycarbonate Sheets

Tinted polycarbonate sheet is the ideal material to use when looking to reduce heat and UV light. Depending on the tint of your polycarbonate sheeting, it can reflect up to 70% of solar energy, which reduces both the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Additionally, the added tint improves the overall aesthetic value compared to adding tinted film to polycarbonate sheet yourself.

Buying tinted polycarbonate sheet instead of clear polycarbonate sheet with a tinted film can save you money both at the initial purchase price and during maintenance as you will have to spend less time managing the tinted film.

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