AntiSkid Marine HDPE Sheets

Antiskid HDPE or high-density polyethylene is made specifically for use in marine applications. This sheet plastic is lightweight and durable and is made from a string of ethylene molecules. The popularity of HDPE as a whole has increased dramatically due to the ability to reduce materials used when packaging products. HDPE is used across many different industries. However antiskid HDPE is specifically made for marine uses due to the non-slip surface it provides

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Antiskid HDPE In Marine Applications

Why is antiskid HDPE so popular amongst various marine applications compared to other options such as polycarbonate sheeting? Water. Plastic can be dangerous at times in marine applications because it becomes especially slippery when wet. Slippery surfaces can lead to a multitude of problems so finding a material that can combat these issues without a reduction is performances such as strength is important! Antiskid HDPE does just that. The non-slip surface keeps users safe, and the durability of the material makes it ideal and long-lasting. 

Benefits Of Antiskid HDPE Include:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily molded and shaped
  • Resistant to rotting, mildew, insects and mold
  • Stands up to extreme weather
  • Long lasting in outdoor applications
  • Bounces rather than shatters on impacts
  • Recyclability
  • Non-slip/antiskid  surface to combat wet conditions
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