King Starboard Marine Plastic Sheets

King Starboard is an advanced high-density polyethylene sheet. Using an advanced manufacturing process, King Starboard is made with flatness and consistency for uses in a multitude of marine applications such as hatches and doors, steps, and more! The unique polymer formula is environmentally stabilized making it extremely consistent and reliable. Browse all of the color and thickness options available from A&C Plastics!

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King Starboard In Marine Applications

Plastics such as polycarbonate have their own strengths but the unique properties of King Starboard make it the ideal choice for a building material in many marine parts. water can break down materials over time but King Starboard cannot rot or delaminate meaning the harsh abuse of water will not take the toll it will on most other materials. King starboard also maintains it's original color for much longer than any other materials so boats will look better longer. This weather resistant material helps boats last longer and requires less upkeep.

Benefits of King Starboard Include:

  • Extremely flat and reliable
  • Weather resistance
  • Maintains original color
  • Will not delaminate
  • Variety of colors and thicknesses
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • Applications are virtually limitless
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