Custom Plastic Sheeting

A&C Plastics works to provide manufacturers around the world with custom plastic sheeting for manufacturing. One of them most common material in manufacturing, plastic sheets are used in industries ranging from home remodeling and decorating to electronics, medical and lighting.

Plastic Sheeting for Manufacturing

A&C Plastics offers both cast acrylic and extruded acrylic sheeting. Knowing how these custom plastic sheets are made can help manufacturers choose the correct type of plastic sheeting for their operation.

Cast Acrylic Sheeting

In cast acrylic sheeting, the first step is to mix a monomer with a catalyst creating the polymer. During this mixing process, color can be added. In the next step, molten plastic is poured in the premade mold – built to customer specifications. From the mold the plastic is transferred into an auto clave which functions as a pressure cooker and an oven where air bubbles are forced out of the plastic, giving it an exceptionally solid composition. Various methods are then used to finish the plastic sheeting giving it a smooth, shiny appearance. Cast acrylic sheeting is a great choice if a durable material is needed. This process provides a greater range of thicknesses resulting in its frequent use in large structures and installations.

Extruded Acrylic Sheeting

Extruded plastic sheeting uses extrusion-grade polymer pellets as a base. They are fed into an extruder which heats pellets until they have a molten, liquid consistency. The molten plastic is put into a metal dye which flattens the molten plastic, creating a uniform sheet through pressure. Again, the sheet is finished with various sanding and buffing techniques. Extruded plastic sheeting is less expensive and has a more consistent thickness. It can be machined and polished much more easily than cast acrylic.

Whichever process is chosen, A&C Plastics offers plastic sheets that have great durability, longevity and strength. These characteristics make them a great replacement for wood and metal in the manufacturing industry.
Benefits of plastic sheeting:
• CNC machinability
• Easily fabricated
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Rigid
• High impact strength
• Natural lubricity
• Chemical resistance

Manufacturing Applications

The applications of custom plastic sheets in manufacturing are as varied as the manufacturing facilities and manufactured products themselves. There’s truly no limit on the variety of items that can be manufactured with plastic.
• Packaging materials
• Boxes
• Binders
• Portfolios
• Consumer goods
• Structural plastics
• Food packaging
• Interior airplane components
• Armored vehicle windshields
• Automotive interior components
• Mass transit vehicle operator protection
• Skylights
• Greenhouses
• Kitchen countertop templates
• Signs
• Displays
• Wear strips
• Conveying equipment
• Heavy machinery
• Custom machine parts

Plastic Sheeting Materials

Our team will work with you to determine the correct plastic sheet for your manufacturing application.
Common plastics for manufacturing:
• Acetal
• Expanded PVC
• High impact polystyrene

Choose A&C Plastics for Plastic Sheeting

At A&C Plastics, we order in large volumes ensuring we offer our customers the lowest possible price. We keep a wide variety of material in stock at varying thicknesses, colors and sheet sizes. This means we can deliver a large quantity of the material you need quickly and affordably. Additionally, we cut our plastic sheets to your size specifications. If we don’t have the plastic you need in stock, our suppliers can quickly convert almost any plastic sheet to meet your specifications.