Clear Acrylic Sheets

Clear plexiglass is ideal for POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication. Clear acrylic sheeting offers manufacturers, fabricators, and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability. It delivers exceptional cost savings through down-gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling, and reduced breakage. Our clear acrylic sheet resists yellowing and offer the best in dimensional stability.

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Qualities of Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear acrylic sheeting is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional glass. To the naked eye, they look virtually the same, however, acrylic sheeting is a more effective solution for commercial glazing, POP displays, and more. Clear acrylic sheets provide the optical clarity of glass, but a much higher impact resistance, making it a better material for high-traffic areas, or areas prone to impact. Unlike other impact modified materials that have an industrial look, clear plexiglass acrylic maintains its clarity and elegance while maintaining structural integrity. 

One of the biggest benefits to buying clear acrylic plexiglass over traditional glass or polycarbonate are the cost savings it provides. Not only is the initial purchase price much more affordable, the low weight of acrylic sheets lend it to reduced shipping and handling costs. Additionally, acrylic plexiglass is 17 times stronger than glass and is easier to cut than polycarbonate sheets

There are a variety of modified clear acrylic sheet options available for specialized applications. Some of the popular specialty acrylic sheets include UV-resistant acrylic sheeting, anti-static acrylic sheets, and bullet resistant acrylic. Ask about our wholesale pricing or get a custom quote by calling (888) 702-6028 or filling out a form.

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