Digital Acrylic Sheets

Get rid of adhesion promoters and use specially designed OPTIX DA Digital Acrylic Sheet when you need to print on plastic. OPTIX developed digital acrylic to give optimal adhesion to UV curing ink without having to use adhesion promoters. The digital acrylic shares the same benefits as continually processed plexiglass sheets but provides additional benefits being specifically designed for printing. You'll save time and money by not having to apply the promoter before the application of ink, as you can digitally print directly to the acrylic sheet. Developers tested OPTIX digital acrylic with digital UV flatbed printers and numerous ink suppliers to create a specific acrylic polymer coating.

Digital Acrylic Sheet Features & Benefits

There is no doubt about the most significant benefit to using digital printing plastic is not having to pay for and use an adhesion promoter each time. The digital acrylic plastic acts like continuously processed plexiglass plastic sheet and provides the same strength, durability, and lightweight benefits. The optical clarity remains optimal on OPTIX DA plastic sheeting even with the polymer. The coating is abrasion and chemical resistant making it ideal for signs and anti-graffiti applications.

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