Infrared Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Although all plexiglass sheeting transmits infrared light, only this specialty sheeting blocks visible light and only transmits infrared. The physical properties of infrared plastic are the same a traditional acrylic sheeting, with the only difference being the light transmission. Because infrared acrylic sheeting is black and only transmits infrared rays, it is an ideal material for applications where you want to hide something such as video camera, security camera, or entertainment and audio equipment.

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Features and Benefits of Infrared Transmitting Plastic

When it comes to infrared plastic, the physical, structural properties are unchanged from their standard acrylic sheet counterparts. Our infrared plastic is plexiglass, giving you strength, durability, versatility you need to use in any application, whether inside or outside. 

Infrared acrylic sheeting is less expensive than glass and polycarbonate but also stronger and lighter. Our infrared transmitting acrylic sheeting is 17 times more impact resistant than glass and is half the weight. Although all plexiglass is infrared transmitting, this type of acrylic sheet only transmits infrared light, while blocking UV. 

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