UV Transmitting Acrylic

In most applications using acrylic sheeting, manufacturers generally favor UV filtering acrylic for its ability to block out harmful UV rays; however, UV transmitting acrylic is also available for applications requiring UV-A and UV-B light. UV-A light (320-400 nm) and UV-B light (280-320 nm) are used in many applications, from medical treatment to suntanning. UV transmitting acrylic sheet is transparent to UV light and provides the superior quality and clarity needed in these applications.

Features and Benefits of UV Transmitting Acrylic

If you don't want to block the strong UVA and UVB rays in your acrylic sheet application, be sure to get UV transmitting plexiglass. Although standard plexiglass transmits UV rays, it doesn't have the extra protection this specialized plastic provides. UV Transmitting acrylic sheet is made to be strong and resist degradation that commonly comes with continuous, long-term exposure to UV rays.

  • 92% UV Transmission
  • Can Withstand Continuous Heavy-Duty Use
  • Higher Impact Resistance than Glass
  • Easy Fitting and Fabrication
  • Broad Scope for Thermoforming into Complex Curved Shapes
  • Smooth, Glossy Surface
  • Easy to Clean

Common Applications of UV Transmitting Acrylic

  • Indoor Suntanning Equipment
  • Animal Habitats
  • Greenhouses and Solaria
  • Medical Treatment Devices
  • Photodegradable Waste Enclosures
  • Full Spectrum Lighting

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