Plexiglass Glue & Acrylic Adhesive

A&C Plastics proudly distributes Sci-Grip Weldon glue and adhesives for plexiglass acrylic sheeting. These plastic Adhesives and weld on glues will consistently and securely bind your plastic sheets with ease. Not only will these plastic adhesives bind your acrylic sheeting, but it will do so at an affordable price. These products are available for local pick up at our Houston location or can be shipped by the case nationwide.

Don't know which Weldon IPS glue will work best for you? View our complete guide to choosing the best plastic adhesive for your project. Make sure you look through the rest of our plexiglass acrylic sheeting products to find the one that works for your specific project.

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Directions for Use of Plastic Adhesives

  1. Parts to be joined should fit without forcing and be clean. Apply the acrylic cement with a suitable applicator. Assemble while parts are still wet. If applied to one surface, let the two surfaces be in gentle contact for a few seconds to soften the dry surface. Press parts together in firm contact.


  1. Initial bond forms quickly. Strength continues to develop very rapidly, reaching high strength in 24 to 48 hours at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Strength will continue to increase gradually for some weeks.


  1. Cut edges must be very smooth to reduce bubbling in the joint. If crazing is a problem, consider annealing before cementing. This product will not bond cross-linked acrylic plastics.

For all of your IPS glue and glue dispenser needs, turn to your partner in plastics. Please feel free to reach out to us for speciality pricing and pick up options by calling (888) 702-6028 or filling out our contact form.

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