Here at A&C Plastics one of our top priorities is getting the material to the customer in perfect condition. We understand that the shipping and freight companies can be rough with the material so we have put into place several quality control measures from the ground up. This helps us insure that you receive the material you need in time, and in perfect condition.

In order to protect your material from freight damage we manufacture all of our pallets to size in house. This means we do not use any recycled or old pallets, and each pallet fits your material. We inspect every pallet to make sure all nails are all the way in, helping to prevent nail pops on the bottom of your material. On top of each skid we also place Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF board), and several sheets of cardboard. We then put cardboard on top of the material, and band it with metal bands. Each pallet is carefully inspected before it leaves our dock.

We have perfected these shipping quality control measures over the past 40 years. Because of this we proudly boast over 99% success rate on preventing freight damage. This helps keep you on time, and under budget for your project. Put A&C Plastic’s shipping to work for you.