Technical Sheets

Product    MSDS & SDS              Product Data            Additional Documentation
 Guides       Conversion Charts 
       How to find weight of sheet
       Skid Costs & Weights
       Color Chart 
       Terms and Provisions 
       Line Sheet
       ARCAT Specifications
 ABS   SDS  Product Details   
 ACM   Product Details  
 Acrylic Mirror   SDS   Product Details  Adhesive Resources
      ROHS Compliance Letter
       Mirror Light Transmission
 Acrylite Premium  SDS   Product Details   MSDS (Spanish)
 Acrystar  SDS  Product Details  ROHs Compliance Cert.
       UV Stabilized Certificate
       UL 94 HB File #
 ACT GPA   MSDS   Product Details  
 A-Cast EG Acrylic  SDS  Product Details  
 A - PETG Sheet    Product Details  
 A - UV2 Polycarbonate    Product Details  
 AK Cast Acrylic  MSDS  Product Details  
 Antistatic (ESD) Acrylic Sheet  SDS  Product Details  
 Antistatic (ESD) Polycarbonate  SDS   Product Details  
 AR2 Acrylic  SDS  Product Details  
 Corrugated Polycarbonate    Product Details  
 Expanded PVC SDS Product Details  User Guide
 Extruded Acrylic SDS Product Details  
 FABCAST Acrylic  SDS  Product Details Dimensional Tolerances
 Fluted Polypropylene SDS Product Details  
 GP Polycarbonate  SDS  Product Details  
 HDPE ColorCore   SDS  Product Details  
 HDPE Standard  MSDS  Product Details  
 HDPE Matte  SDS  Product Details  
 HDPE Pipegrade  SDS  Product Details  
 HDPE Starboard  SDS  Product Details  Fabrication Guide
 Interprofile  MSDS  Product Details  
 Infra Red Acrylic  MSDS  Product Details   Transmission Curve
 Iridescent Acrylic   Product Details  
 LED L Block  MSDS  Product Details  
 Light Guide Pannel (LGP) Acrylic  MSDS  Product Details  
 Lucite L  SDS  Product Details  
 MCast MSDS Product Details  UV Stability Certification
 Multiwall Polycarbonate  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
       Gallina Sales Flyer
       Line Sheet
       Poli-Lok Metal Bracket System
       Fire Spread Report 1
       Fire Spread Report 2 
       Installation Guide
       Installation Guide (Spanish)
      Multiwall Polycarbonate Care and Maintenance Guidelines
      Chemical Compatibility Chart for Multiwall Polycarbonate
 Museum Grade L SDS Product Details  
 MX Acrylic Sheet SDS  Product Details   
 MX UV Filtering Cast Acrylic SDS  Product Details  
 Novus Cleaner #1  MSDS    
 Novus Polish #2  MSDS     
 OP2  MSDS   Product Details   
 OP3 P99  MSDS   Product Details   
 Optimum Museum Acrylic  SDS  Product Details  Optium vs. Static Shield
 Optix SDS Product Details  
 Optix DA SDS Product Details  
 Optix EDA SDS Product Details  
 Optix UVF  SDS  Product Details  
 PlexiCast Acrylic  MSDS  Product Details  
 Plexiglas® SBAR SDS Product Details  
 Plexiglas® SB SDS Product Details  
 Plexiglas® ELiT  SDS Product Details   
 Plexiglas® Frosted  MSDS   Product Details  
 Plexiglas® G  SDS   Product Details   
 Plexiglas® LD    MSDS     
 Plexiglas® MC SDS  Product Details   
 Plexiglas® UF-3/UF-4/UF-5  MSDS   Product Details  
 Polycarbonate Mirror  MSDS   Product Details  
 Polycarbonate UV2 SDS  Product Details Warranty
 Polycarbonate UV2 - C     Product Details  
 Polytech GP   Product Details  
 Polypropylene  MSDS  Product Details  
 Royalite®   Product Details  
 Satin Ice Acrylic  MSDS     
 SG5  SDS  Product Details   Warranty
 Static Shield Acrylic  MSDS     Optium vs. Static Shield
 Styrene  MSDS   Product Details   
 SUVT  MSDS   Product Details   
 Tru-Cast SDS  Product Details   UL 94 HB File #
      Trucast REACH + RoHS
      TruCast UV Stabilized Certification
      Light Transmission Chart
      FDA Approval Certification
      TruCast Acrylic Quality Specification
 Trupoly AR  MSDS   Product Details   
 Trupoly SL Polycarbonate  MSDS   Product Details   Warranty
 Trupoly GP Polycarbonate   Product Details  
 TUFFAK      Comparrison Chart
 TUFFAK AR  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK FD  SDS  Product Details  Cleaning Instructions
 TUFFAK GP   SDS  Product Details  Warranty
      Miami-Dade County Certification
 TUFFAK Hygard BR1000  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard BR1250  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard BR750  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard CG375  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard CG500  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard CG750  SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Hygard Guide      Fabrication Guide
 TUFFAK LD SDS Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK LF SDS Product Details  
 TUFFAK Light Transmission      Specification
 TUFFAK Lumen XT SDS  Product Details  Warranty
 TUFFAK Marine 5 SDS  Product Details   Warranty
 TUFFAK MG SDS  Product Details  
 TUFFAK OP  SDS   Product Details  
 TUFFAK RoHS Compliance      Document
 TUFFAK Sign Matte SDS Product Details  
 TUFFAK SL SDS Product Details  Warranty
       Tuffak SL & LD Color Chart
 TUFFAK UL94 Listing      Details
 per Mil P46144 & A-A-59502      Specifications
 TUFFAK WG SDS  Product Details  
 TUFFAK VR SDS Product Details   Warranty
 Type 1 PVC  SDS   Product Details   
 UHMW  SDS   Product Details   
 Vinyl Strip Door  MSDS   Product Details   
 Vivak  SDS   Product Details   Fabrication Guide
 Weld on #3 SDS    Selection Guide
 Weld on #16 SDS     Selection Guide