Clear UV2 Polycarbonate Sheeting

Clear UV2 polycarbonate sheeting is enhanced polycarbonate sheeting with UV resistance on both sides of the sheeting. This sheeting is used in applications requiring high impact strength and resistance to persistent weathering and sunlight on both sides of where the material is installed. Common applications for this product includes elevated sign masts, white exterior sign faces, bus shelters, and upper story school glazing. Available in clear in three different widths and two different thicknesses. If you're installing polycarbonate sheeting and only need UV-resistance on one side of the sheeting for applications such as greenhouse construction, check out our Clear SL polycarbonate sheet.

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Features of Clear UV2 Polycarbonate Sheets

Clear UV2 polycarbonate sheets provide many of the same features as SL polycarbonate, but with two sides having UV resistance qualities. Traditional polycarbonate sheeting is the leading plastic material in strength, and that holds for UV2 polycarbonate sheeting as well. This type of polycarbonate has the clarity and UV protection of plexiglass, without the fragility and breakage caused by warm temperatures and extreme weather.

Working with polycarboante UV2 sheet is easy as it is one of the more versatile plastics for cold-forming. This type of polycarbonate can be cut and cold-formed on-site without breaking. This saves time and money from otherwise complicated and long fabrication process. If you are looking for polycarbonate sheets with only one UV-modified sign, check out or SL sheets.

UV2 Polycarbonate Benefits Include:

  • Similar Qualities to SL Polycarbonate
  • UV Resistance
  • Double-Sided
  • Impeccable Strength
  • Not Fragile
  • Materials Strength in Warm Temperatures
  • Maintains Strength in Cool Temperatures
  • Affordable
  • Versatile

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