A&C Plastics’ Acrylic Sheeting Durability

We are proud to provide our customers with a large selection of plastic sheeting. From industrial sheets to patterned sheet, we are determined to provide our customers with only the best of the best in plastic sheeting. However, with such an extensive selection of acrylics sheeting, it can be difficult to find the right one for your specific needs. Listed are some of our durable sheets along with a description of their appropriate applications.

Clear Acrylic Sheeting:

Being one of our most favorite items, the clear acrylic sheeting is a strong alternative to traditional glass. This polycarbonate sheeting is 17 times stronger and significantly lighter than traditional glass. Not only is this polycarbonate strong, but clear acrylic sheeting is also translucent. Due to the clarity of this acrylic sheeting, it is perfect for POP displays, store fixtures, and general fabrication. Also due to its strength and durability, clear acrylic sheeting ideal for high-traffic areas, or areas that are prone to constant, or high, impact.

Colored Plexiglas:

Due to structural improvements, colored Plexiglas is another strong alternative to traditional glass. The structural modifications of this acrylic sheeting makes colored plexiglass more cost effective to produce and ship. Not only is this acrylic sheeting economical to make and deliver, but this sheeting is 17 times stronger and half the weight of traditional glass. These modified attributes make colored plexiglass highly durable, impact resistant, and resistant to discoloration and fading. This durability and versatility make this acrylic sheeting perfect in many different uses and industries. From POP displays to commercial glazing, this strong acrylic sheeting perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.  

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheeting:

The structural improvements of fluorescent acrylic sheeting make it ten times stronger and half the weight of traditional glass. Not only does this durability and versatility make this acrylic sheeting cost efficient, but due to these attributes, this sheeting is easier to cut, drill, and manipulate. This well-crafted material is also weather resistant, and UV-light resistant. Because of its superior durability, the fluorescent acrylic sheeting is one of the most popular materials used throughout the industry. Since the fluorescent acrylic sheeting is similar to colored plexiglass, it has many of the same indoor and outdoor applications.

Acrylic Mirror Sheeting:

Similar to our clear acrylic sheeting, our acrylic mirror sheeting is more durable and cost-effective than traditional glass mirrors. This sheeting is both ten times stronger than regular glass and half the weight. Due to the strength and durability of this glass, it is perfect for high impact applications. In high impact environments, like construction projects, this sheeting is proven to last longer in comparison to traditional glass. Coming in 17 colors, Acrylic mirror sheeting is also perfect for casinos, toys, and cosmetic displays. The durability and versatility in applications make this sheeting one of our most favorite products.   

Solar Tinted Acrylic Plexiglass:

Just like most of our highly durable acrylic sheets, this sheeting is lighter and ten times stronger than glass and has a higher level of impact resistance. This type of sheeting is also easy to cut drill and manipulate. These attributes make solar tinted acrylic perfect for most outdoor and indoor application.

Even though this sheeting is impact resistant, the reason we consider solar tinted acrylic plexiglass to be durable is that of its protective capabilities against the sun. Tinted plexiglass can protect many types of fabrics from fading due to UV rays. When used correctly this plexiglass can also keep encased materials warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

White Acrylic Sheeting:

Essentially, the white acrylic sheeting has the same structural qualities as our clear plexiglass, but with a white finishing. However, this acrylic sheeting is impact resistant, UV resistant and lightweight. These attributes make this plastic sheeting ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. From x-ray film readers and skylights to drawing tables, the durability and versatility of this sheeting makes it one of our most popular products.

Plastic Sheeting

Not only are we dedicated to bringing you the best in plastics, but we are determined to educate our loyal customers, so they have the tool needed to choose the right plastic. Along with our highly durable acrylic sheets, we also provide a wide range of specialty sheets.  From anti-static acrylic to fire rated polycarbonate, A&C Plastics has the best specialty sheets in the industry. If you would like to learn more about our most popular specialty sheets, check out our “Best Plastic for Sensitive Environments” article. If you have questions or concern about our acrylic plastic sheets, do not hesitate to contact us.