Best Plastic for Sensitive Environments

In the world of plastic sheeting, not all plastics are the same. Different plastics are meant for different applications, situations, and environments. If you don’t get the most appropriate plastic sheeting based on the application, then you are risking damage to the objects that are being protected by the plastic. This is why, before purchasing any type of plastic, it is necessary to understand the strengths and applications of the material. Listed is a selection of our top plastics that work well in specific environments.

Anti-Static Acrylic

Anti-Static Acrylic is essentially used to protect fragile art, photos, and documents. Static charges can negatively affect weak documents by weakening the binding of typical fabrics that art, photos, and documents are printed on. So if you already have a keepsake that is fragile, static charges can easily damage the keepsake to a unsalvageable point. However anti-static acrylic Sheets have a chemical coating on it that stops most static electricity from forming on the surface of the plexiglass. This abrasion and chemical resistant sheeting is ideal for your keepsakes that may already be wearing away.

FDA Approved Polycarbonate

When publically dealing with food, especially at schools and hospitals, it is highly important that everything is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA approvals make sure that everything around the served food is safe enough for consumption. From the actual food being served, the gloves worn to serve the food, to the trays the food is served on, everything must be contaminate-free of any harmful chemicals. FDA Approved Polycarbonate is heat resistant, close gauge tolerance, and high impact resistance. This polycarbonate sheet is perfect for hospital trays, serving bowls, and incubators.

UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

This type of acrylic sheet is typically used for protecting artwork or pictures from the wear and tear you can get from both artificial and natural light. Both natural light and artificial light produces ultraviolet rays, also known as UV rays. If your picture, artwork or document is exposed to UV rays for long periods of time, your item can start to discolor and fade. Before UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet, your artwork and photos would need to be hidden so they wouldn’t be exposed to UV rays, or if they were displayed, the art would need to be appreciated before the discoloration and fading started to cause damage. However, with UV Filtering Acrylic Sheets, art, documents, and photos can be enjoyed and displayed without the risk of discoloration. To add another layer of protection, not only is this acrylic sheet light weight but it is also impact and abrasion resistant. This is the perfect acrylic sheeting for protecting your keepsakes from the elements.

When buying plastic, you must make sure that the type you choose works well in the specific environment it will be exposed too. If you do not take this into consideration, you are exposing the objects that the plastic is protecting to damaging conditions. This lack of protection could result in a loss of money to your company. Shop with A&C Plastics to make sure you are getting the proper plastic for your specific needs.