Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays (POP) are one of the most popular ways for manufacturers to promote or simply draw attention to their product.  There are many ways to build POP displays and you will typically find them spread throughout retail stores. POP displays are usually display stands, posters and banners made from different plastics. Some of the most popular POP displays are floor displays, counter displays, club store displays, brochure and magazine holders, inline displays, engaging kiosks, motion, lighted and sound displays. Vacuum forming, heat forming, die cutting, computerized routing and laser cutting are all ways a fabricator will create POP displays with plexiglass and polycarbonate sheeting solutions.

Counter Displays

Countertop displays can be made from many different sheet plastics such as expanded PVC, acrylic sheet, and polycarbonate sheeting. The sheet plastics used to manufacture countertop displays are very common and are stocked in many different thicknesses, colors and sheet sizes. The material used to build countertop displays can be formed with heat to stand without any support. You could also use LED light to back-light countertop displays.

Floor Displays

Floor displays can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plexiglass and polycarbonate. This POP display is used to hold things such as your company info and products you are selling. The floor displays are usually made to catch a customer’s eye with its creative structure and graphic design. This is another POP display that you could use several thicknesses, sheets sizes, and colors of acrylic and polycarbonate.  

Frequently Asked Questions About POP Displays