Multiwall Polycarbonate for Greenhouses

A&C Plastics proudly offers a full line of multiwall polycarbonate produced in the USA. For over 50 years we have been producing the highest quality of polycarbonate sheeting. Our products are commonly used by architects, contractors, designers, distributors, and fabricators. The multiwall, and arcoPlus ® product lines provide complete glazing systems for all residential and commercial applications.

At A&C we have in place some of the most extensive quality control practices to insure that we produce the very best product possible. Bolstered by in-depth testing we can offer superior quality and faster lead times than anyone else on the market. Our products are commonly used in skylight applications, large canopies, and greenhouses.

Multiwall sheet by A&C Plastics is the only product on the market to boast both the Miami-Dade County certification for hurricane wind speed, and the Texas Department of Insurance certification. No job is too large or too small for A&C polycarbonate. Our sales team is standing by to assist you on your project from the ground up. The next time you are working on a project that requires multiwall glazing think A&C Plastics, service it’s what we deliver. Contact us today to find your multiwall polycarbonate plastic solution.


Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting

A&C Plastics Multiwall Polycarb

Start your greenhouse project with our selection of multiwall polycarbonate sheeting today!