Cost Effective POP Displays & Signs for Businesses

Acrylic plastics such as plexiglass sheeting have a variety of qualities that make it superior to traditional glass as well as polycarbonate when creating a visually appealing, yet functional, point of purchase display. Point of purchase displays are a key tool used to promote products and services with a visually appealing dynamic. POP displays can be as simple as a sign or banner, to something more intricate such as custom shelving or display stands.

Custom Designs with Plexiglass Sheeting

Plexiglass sheeting provides superior flexibility when it comes to its ability to be customized. Whether you want to stray away from traditional clear acrylic sheeting and opt for colored acrylic sheet or utilize the clarity of plexiglass to your advantage, acrylic plastics offer far more versatility that polycarbonate sheeting. Acrylic sheeting is far easier to cut and form than polycarbonate, while still maintaining its strength and durability. Cutting acrylic sheets is easy, whether using a table saw, router, or scoring tool, make it an ideal material for building and forming custom shaped and designed displays.

Specialty acrylic sheeting such as light guide panels adds an extra touch to point of purchase displays, allowing for edge-lit illumination. Light guide panels are extremely flexible withstanding both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as having single or double-sided applications.

The customization of these displays is crucial to driving sales from displays making plexiglass sheeting an ideal material for fabrication.

Durability of Plexiglass Sheeting

Although polycarbonate is 15 times stronger than plexiglass, the strength makes it difficult to form. So if your POP display is in need of customized shapes and sizes, acrylic will be your best option. Acrylic is still incredibly durable, boasting an impact resistance 17 times that of traditional glass. Acrylic sheeting is less likely to crack, chip, or break while being formed, but requires heat to do so.  

For even more impact resistance, you can opt for impact modified acrylic sheeting. Modified acrylic is not only similar to the impact resistance provided by polycarbonate sheeting but cheaper as well.

Other Benefits of Acrylic Sheeting

One of the biggest benefits to acrylic sheeting compared to polycarbonate, especially with point of purchase displays is its ability to be cleaned. Acrylic plastics can be cleaned with a commercial plastic cleaner or soap using a microfiber cloth. It is important to avoid acetone, gasoline, ammonia, and carbon tetrachloride when cleaning plexiglass sheeting as it can cause cracks and comprise its clarity.

Additionally, acrylic sheeting is UV-stabilized, allowing for light transmittance while withstanding the harmful UV rays.

Acrylic plastics such as plexiglass sheeting and colored acrylic sheet are ideal materials for point of purchase displays, providing the versatility and durability needed to design displays that stand apart from the rest.