Specialty Sheet

A&C Plastics carries specialty sheets that are used across many industries to design beautiful spaces for a polished finish to any project.

Choose from our bullet resistant polycarbonate, fire rated polycarbonate, infra-red, iridescent, abrasion resistant acrylic or FDA approved polycarbonate sheet plastic and much more.

Not sure which specialty sheet is most applicable for your application? Contact us and we'll help you select the right sheet. If you would like wholesale pricing information on any of our specialty sheet products, request a quote now or give us a call at (888) 702-6028 and one of our sales experts will be happy to help you out. 

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic

Scuff resistance combined with outstanding optical clarity makes this product a popular choice for display cases and shadow boxes in public areas.

Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate

Very commonly used for school, hospital, and shelter glazing, abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheeting features enhanced abrasion resistance coupled with the standard impact strength of traditional polycarbonate.

Anti-Static Acrylic

Anti-static acrylic sheet provides superior control of electrostatic electricity as well as chemical resistance and surface hardness. These coated acrylic sheets are used in a variety of industries to control static electricity.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate

Our anti-static polycarbonate sheets have a transparent coating of metal and plastic to prevent electrical charges from being generated on the sheets. Electrostatic dissipative polycarbonate is used heavily in the electronic industry.

Black/White Acrylic

Black and white acrylic sheeting from A&C Plastics is the ideal material for LED signs and decorative touches. With superior impact resistance and light transmission qualities, black/white plexiglass is the plastic you need.

Block Acrylic

This versatile acrylic can house LED lights directly in the material giving you a perfectly diffused glow. Very popular for low profile channel letters.

FDA Approved Polycarbonate

FDA compliant polycarbonate sheet meets the requirements for food handling and clean room needs set by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Fire Rated Polycarbonate

Need a plastic sheeting solution for electrical and electronic device applications? AC Plastics carries Makrolon Flame Retardant Polycarbonate sheeting. Fire rated polycarbonate is UV-stabilized and carries a five-year breakage warranty.

Frame Grade

Use our industry-leading, frame grade acrylic for all of your framing needs for art, photos, and more. Camera inspected to ensure that it is defect free. 


This product is designed for transmitting infrared light while absorbing visible light at the same time. Commonly used for concealing security cameras, receivers, and transmitters.


Add color to your sign, fixture, or POP display with iridescent plexiglass. This acrylic sheeting is transparent and UV absorbent, with a rainbow like surface.

Modified Acrylic

Commonly used in signage, displays, doors, and more, impact modified acrylic provides superior durability and resistance to weatherability. Learn more about modified acrylic sheeting from A&C Plastics.

Tru-Vue Tru Vue's Optium Museum Acrylic is the number one choice among state-of-the-art facilities for preserving and protecting artwork. Tru Vue's UV-filtering qualities keep art in pristine condition.
UV Transmitting

UV Transmitting acrylic sheeting was designed specifically for indoor tanning applications as its properties allow for high UV light transmission, while retaining structural stability.