Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

A&C Plastics carries a variety of polycarbonate sheeting that offers superior strength compared to traditional polycarbonate sheets. Our selection of Makrolon Hygard polycarbonate includes both bullet resistant and containment grade polycarbonate sheeting. BR polycarbonate plastic is extremely durable and has high impact resistance, event against violent blows. Containment grade polycarbonate is ideal for protection against forced entry, whereas bullet resistant polycarbonate is more suitable when protecting against ballistics, including heavy automatic firearms. Containment grade and bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet are commonly used in banks, jewelers, museums, court buildings, and security vehicles.

All Makrolon Hygard bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets come with a seven-year limited warranty. For more information about BR polycarbonate sheeting or wholesale pricing, please call us at (888) 702-6028 or fill out a quote request form.

Qualities of Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

The most popular form of bullet-resistant plastic sheeting is polycarbonate sheet. A&C Plastics stocks both containment grade polycarbonate sheeting and bullet resistant polycarbonate sheet. BR polycarbonate has an extremely high resistance that does not shatter even when exposed to violent impact. This type of polycarbonate plastic was specially designed to protect against forced entry, whether ballistic or impact from heavy tools. The strength and durability of bullet resistant and containment grade polycarbonate allow them to retain stability when exposed to heavy blows. 

In addition to superior strength and durability qualities, this polycarbonate also has excellent abrasion resistance, UV protection, and resistance to extreme temperatures. These characteristics all help make this plastic meet the most intense requirements for personal protection. 

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