How to Display Artwork With Acrylic Sheets

Using frames is an essential part of displaying artwork. It’s important to choose the best kind of material that will not only creatively display artwork but also protect it from the elements. Acrylic sheeting is one of the best ways to safely display works of art because of it’s durability and shatter resistant qualities. Here are some of the ways to brilliantly and safely display artwork using acrylic sheeting.

Single Panel Wall Mounted Acrylic Frame

Acrylic frames with a single panel work best for smaller and thinner pieces of artwork hung on a wall. These kinds of acrylic sheet frames can use magnets to hold artwork in place and safely be mounted on the wall. Creating a single panel frame using acrylic sheeting is a simple and professional way to display your works of art. Acrylic wall frames are more durable than traditional wood frames and can be designed to easily replace artwork and pictures.

Double Panel Wall Mounted Acrylic Frame

Artwork that is thicker or heavier than average paper should use a double panel method for an acrylic frame. These kinds of frames hold artwork in place with two pieces of acrylic sheeting instead of one to ensure maximum protection. Double panel acrylic sheeting is more durable than single panel but is still typically lighter than glass or wood frames with similar dimensions.

Acrylic Wall Case

Because artwork is not one size fits all, acrylic displays come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Artwork that is 3D or is not created on canvas, paper or another flat material may require an acrylic case. Acrylic wall cases are designed to hold a variety of different materials including 3D artwork and art pieces. These can be created by fusing 5 equal sides of acrylic sheeting together, leaving the back open to mount onto the wall.

Learn how to glue acrylic sheeting together to create an acrylic wall case and cube.

Tabletop Acrylic Frame

If you want the ability to quickly and easily change out artwork from an acrylic frame, use or create a tabletop acrylic frame. Similar to single and double panel wall frames, tabletop displays use acrylic sheeting that can hold artwork and pictures in place using magnetic corners. Table top acrylic artwork displays can be created with a straight or curved designed that stand on their own.


Partners in Acrylic Displays

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