4 Benefits Of Security Plastic Over Safety Glass

Safety glass has been the go-to security solution for businesses, homeowners and manufacturers for decades. Today, security plastic is beginning to take its place in many applications, as it has proven to have a variety of benefits not offered by glass. Let's explore a few of those benefits and the plastic types that offer them.


Acrylic is an ideal security plastic, being around 17 times strong than regular silica glass. It's a necessity for homes and businesses located in areas where natural disasters are prevalent, helping to prevent injury and damage due to shattering. Safety plastic tends to crack rather than shatter, thanks to its higher impact resistance.

Additionally, bulletproof plastic — including certain acrylic and polycarbonate — helps deter armed robbers from businesses when used on windows, and keep policemen safe when used on face masks and shields. Bulletproof plastic is also found in armored vehicles, such as submarines and even the presidential limousine. It's clearly a highly trusted material.

Lower Density

While at first this may seem like a drawback, security plastic's lower density compared to security glass is actually an advantage. Plexiglass acrylic sheeting weighs significantly less than standard glass, so it's easier to install and transport. Polycarbonate sheets are even stronger than Plexiglass, yet remain less dense than standard safety glass.

The lower density in security plastic also means that, rather than breaking or shattering upon impact, it bends. It is much more difficult to punch through security plastic, meaning that after a few blows and making a ton of noise, anyone attempting a break-in will likely run off rather than risk being caught.

Surface Applications

Plastic security glazing films add an additional layer of fortification to glass and plexiglass windows. Rather than fully replacing your windows, an additional layer can simply be applied without sacrificing clarity. Some safety glass already comes with this additional layer, which is generally a sheet of vinyl between two sheets of glass.


On top of being far stronger than most standard glass, security plastic can also help lower your utility bills. Acrylic tends to be 20% more efficient at weathering temperature fluctuations than standard silica glass. Safety plastic will help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home or business without sacrificing clarity or security.

To Sum Up The Advantages Of Plastic Security Glazing:

  • Acrylic is 17 times stronger than regular silica glass and is also resistant to shattering. Bulletproof plastic is used in a variety of applications for this reason.
  • The lower density of safety plastic makes it lighter than security glass and far more flexible upon impact.
  • Plastic security glazing films add an additional layer of fortification to plastic and glass windows.
  • Security glass provides better insulation than safety glass, making it more energy efficient.

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