Dry Erase Sheets Are A Must-Have For Your Virtual Classroom

As we gear up for what will most likely be a school year like no other, parents and teachers are scrambling for ways to turn parts of their houses into classrooms. And as education trends come and go, one thing remains certain: you're going to need a board — and dry erase sheets are a great option.

Many of us don't have room to add a dry erase board to our home classroom. They're either too big if you want a freestanding one or don't have a great aesthetic if you're looking to put one on a wall. That's why you should consider dry erase material sheets.

What Is Dry Erase Plastic?

Dry erase plastic is any clear sheet you can put over a surface in your home to immediately turn it into a dry erase board. It gives the user a chance to turn an entire room into a space for brainstorming, working out math problems, creating calendars and even taking notes. There are nearly endless educational opportunities for using dry erase material sheets, especially for homeschooling and virtual classrooms.

Uses For Students

If you are cramped for space and your child's home classroom is the dining room, you can put clear dry erase sheets on the wall so your child can use them throughout the day to work on problems, and then erase everything by dinnertime. As we navigate through asynchronous online learning, it's a way to create a daily agenda that your student can always see and gives kids the opportunity to erase assignments as they are completed.

Uses For Teachers

If you're a teacher looking for a way to have more instruction space, you can use dry erase sheets on the wall behind you. Your students will be able to take notes as you are talking, and you can add helpful points throughout your lesson, like showing the steps to complete a math problem. You can also have your day's goals or itinerary on the board behind you so students always know what needs to be completed.

Find Dry Erase Sheets at A&C Plastics

At A&C Plastics, we want to help you turn your home into a classroom — without having to completely remodel it. Our dry erase acrylic sheets can do just that, opening up a whole new world of ways to learn. Check out our dry erase plastic today and step into the future with confidence.

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