Maintaining Framed Pictures With Acrylic Sheeting

When it comes to photos, art, and other valuable documents a major concern people have is figuring out a way to preserve their precious documents. One of the most common ways people protect their pictures is by hiding them away. Even though this will protect your documents, you will not be able to display them and thoroughly enjoy them. The best way of preserving documents while keeping them on display is to use document protecting plastics. Listed below are our top document acrylic preserving plastics.  

Frame Grade Plastic Sheeting

Since Frame Grade plastics are specifically designed for preserving photos, artwork and other documents it is highly recommended to utilize them. UV light and UV rays can completely ruin the integrity of most paper-based documents. The tainted integrity results in the discoloration and the fading of documents. Fortunately, frame grade acrylic sheeting can absorb up to 98% of UV rays. This high rate of absorption will prolong the life of your framed documents. Not only does this plastic sheeting protect against UV lights, but frame grade plastic sheeting is also half the weight of, and more impact resistant than traditional frame glass. Currently, we offer  Optix frame grade acrylic sheeting. This acrylic sheeting has been camera inspected to guarantee there are no imperfections, ensuring the highest quality of protection for your documents.

UV Filtering Plastic Sheeting

UV Rays can negatively change the coloring of photographs, paintings, documents and more if left exposed to the sun or fluorescent light bulbs. This exposure to UV rays will also permanently damage paper-based documents. Fortunately, there are UV filtering acrylic sheets. These lightweight and impact resistant sheets are designed specifically for Museum artifacts, artwork, and photos. This easy to clean, superior craze resistant acrylic plastic filters out 98% of UV light, which is the primary cause of fading and decomposition of photos, and other documents. Just like our frame grade plastic sheeting, this rate of UV absorption will extend the life of your displayed documents.  Currently, A&C Plastics has an extensive line of top-of-the-line, competitively priced museum grade UV filtering acrylic sheeting. Just like all our document protecting plastics our UV filtering acrylic sheeting is specifically designed to protect your valued displayed documents.

Before the introduction of these quality acrylic sheets, your documents would need to be stored away to avoid exposure, or you would simply have to enjoy your displayed documents before the discoloration and fading began to take its toll. Fortunately A&C Plastic provides the best in document protecting plastic sheeting. From our UV filtering acrylic plastics to our frame grade plastic sheeting, our selection of protective plastics is designed for you to be able to enjoy your documents without the risk of permanent damage. Shop with A&C Plastics for all your plastic sheeting needs. Contact us today!