6 Marine Plastic Varieties Your Boat Needs

When you go out on the water, you need to feel confident in your boat's ability to weather any condition. You can find that confidence in the different varieties of marine plastic that A&C Plastics has to offer. Let's explore each type of boat plastic and the applications they work best for.

AntiSkid HDPE

AntiSkid HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is a kind of polyethylene sheet designed specifically for marine applications. Among the varieties of polyethylene marine plastic, AntiSkid HDPE is the most popular due to its non-slip surface. It is frequently used for walkways, stairs and any other surfaces that must provide traction while wet.

Another great benefit of AntiSkid HDPE is its resistance to rotting, insects, mold and mildew. On top of easy maintenance, it’s also more durable than other traditional boat-building materials. Should you hit a bump during your travels, HDPE will bounce rather than shatter upon impact. This boat plastic will make your boat safer and better equipped for harsh outdoor conditions.

King StarBoard

King StarBoard is another type of HDPE sheet, known for its flatness and consistency thanks to its environmentally stabilized formula. While this marine plastic doesn't have the same non-slip qualities of AntiSkid HDPE, it is still ideal for several applications, such as hatches, doors and more.

This boat plastic is resistant to common marine ailments, such as rotting and delamination. It also maintains its original color well, so your boat will not show its age over time. Maintenance is a breeze — you don't have to do much other than a simple wipedown! This weather-resistant material will help your boat last much longer while looking great, despite a need for heavy maintenance.

Makrolon VR Marine Sheet

Being able to see properly is key to ensuring your safety while on the water. Makrolon VR Marine Sheet is a polycarbonate plastic that provides glass-like optical visibility without the drawbacks. This marine plastic is impact resistant, so it will not shatter if struck by debris. Additionally, it is UV resistant and will not yellow due to sun exposure over time.

Makrolon sheet can also be rolled, sewn or cut for specific window or windshield specifications, giving you greater flexibility than harder sheets that need to be glued down. It's the perfect boat plastic for clear, long-lasting vision at sea.

Makrolon Marine 5 Sheet

Although you might not think so, plastic for boats can handle even extreme conditions at sea. Makrolon Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet was created with that level of extremity in mind. Like Makrolon VR, it offers stunning optical clarity that is resistant to abrasions and scratches. It is also resistant to chemicals, so no matter what hits your windshields, visibility will never be distorted.

Also like the VR sheet, Marine 5 can be sewn rather than glued down. Since it can curve, it can be used as a canopy as well as a specialty curved windshield or window. This marine plastic will stay in place and provide you the needed clarity for safe travels.

Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic

Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic sheeting is another popular choice for windows due to its clarity and resistance to abrasions. This boat plastic comes in several thicknesses and can be coated on one or both sides for additional protection against sun damage. Like the Makrolon plastics, it is safer than glass due to its impact resistance and long-lasting clarity.

Abrasion Resistant Marine Polycarbonate

Abrasion Resistant Marine Polycarbonate sheeting has a high level of weatherability. Even the harshest conditions will not compromise its optical clarity. Additionally, this marine plastic acts as a natural UV filter, helping protect you from the sun while on open water — it protects the rest of your boat, too. The flexibility of polycarbonate as a plastic for boats cannot be overstated.

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