The Importance of Plastic Bed Liners for Dump Trucks

If there's one piece of heavy equipment out there that takes a beating, it's a dump truck. From hauling garbage to transporting hot asphalt, these trucks, and especially their trailer beds, need to be up for anything in order to keep operations moving along efficiently and cost-effectively. Plastic liners for dump trailers are the key to reducing equipment damage and ensuring that even the biggest projects stay within their budgets and timelines.

Which Plastics Can Be Used as Dump Truck Liners?

Plastic bed liners for dump trucks need to be the toughest of the tough. Most commonly, high molecular weight (HMW) and ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) materials are used for their low coefficient of friction. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polycarbonate are also frequently used for their durability, impact resistance and ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from very cold to extremely hot. All of these plastics, especially when fortified with HMW or UHMW materials, can replace wood, metal, glass and even the best spray-on liners for incredible results.

Benefits of Plastic Linders for Dump Trailers

Plastic bed liners for dump trucks offer extraordinary value to the operations that choose to install them, providing effective means to contain and transport wet and dry materials — and ensuring a safer environment for dump truck operators.

Reduced "Stickiness"

Having waste or other materials stick to the interior of the dump trailer is an annoying and time-consuming problem. Plastic bed liners for dump trucks reduce, and even eliminate, this issue thanks to their low coefficient of friction. The slick plastic surface allows even the stickiest of materials to slide out upon arrival at the delivery point, meaning "slam dumping" or the use of backhoes to force out any remaining material becomes obsolete.

Reduced Trailer Maintenance

"Slam dump" might sound like "slam dunk," but in spite of the verbal similarities, it's not a good thing. This slamming motion, used to knock loose stuck material from the inside of the trailer, puts a lot of strain on the hoist and drive train functions of a dump truck, which can lead to some steep maintenance costs. Using a backhoe creates similar costs, since all that scraping tears up the inside of the trailer as it removes stuck debris.

Plastic liners for dump trailers allow materials to slide free as soon as the trailer is hoisted up, so these abrasive methods for clearing out trailers are no longer necessary. Maintenance costs are therefore reduced thanks to less trailer floor wear and less strain put on trailer components.

Increased Efficiency

Since plastic bed liners for dump trucks allow materials to quickly slide free at lower dump angles, the time normally spent knocking or digging them out of the trailer can now be put toward handling and delivering more loads. This increase in production can lead to an increase in profit, too.

Greater Operator Safety

High dumping angles and stuck material can cause dangerous situations like dump truck rollovers, which can harm the truck driver and any other workers who happen to be nearby. Also, in addition to slamming and backhoe digging, truck operators sometimes have to climb to the top of the trailer to help knock loose any remaining material, putting them at great risk of injury. Slick plastic liners for dump trailers allow drivers to do their job from the safety and comfort of their cabin — no climbing necessary.

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