Reel Stock Polycarbonate Sheeting to Avoid Seams

When you are using plastic sheets for a large or oversized project such as greenhouses or large signage, you could either use multiple large sheets of plastic or reel stock. With using multiple sheets, you risk running into unsightly seams and joints. And even if you consider yourself an expert in seaming plastic sheets, the best work still shows seams. Polycarbonate reel stock plastic sheeting allows for full coverage, using proper tools to cut down to your desired size.

Results from Sealing or Joining Polycarbonate Sheets

Reel stock polycarbonate sheetingWhen you work with polycarbonate sheets that are limited in size, you often run into the issue of needing to use an adhesive sealant to join the sheets together. While there are many adhesives and solvents available to hide and bond seams, it never gives the clean look a single sheet could give. This is why many polycarbonate sheeting users order reel stock sheeting when working on larger projects.

Although there are designated accessories to assist with joining multiwall polycarbonate together such as wood caps, polycarbonate caps, and aluminum bar caps, these leave you with awkward seams and joints, often raised up from the polycarbonate sheeting.

Reel Stock Polycarbonate Sheets as a Solution

Polycarbonate sheeting is as clear as glass, but 250 times stronger. The sturdiness, however, does not affect its flexibility as polycarbonate is designed to be flexible. It can be cut and formed on-site, so when buying reel stock sheeting, you don’t need to worry about pre-forming or pre-cutting in a shop. Polycarbonate is one-third the weight of acrylic and one-sixth as heavy as glass, making it ideal for on-site applications, whether installing or forming. When it is heated to 190 degrees Celsius, polycarbonate is easy formed into designs with tight curves and deep draw.

Because of polycarbonate sheetings’ inherent flexibility, this allows the bend of it across surfaces instead of bonding two pieces of pre-cut polycarbonate sheets together creating an unsightly seam.

You Have Options with Polycarbonate Reel Stock

Due to its flexibility and strength, polycarbonate sheeting is already one of the most versatile plastic sheets available on the market. Reel stock polycarbonate adds another level of versatility to the mix. When you purchase reel stock sheeting, nothing will be pre-cut allowing to it to be fully customized to the desired shape and size of your project.